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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Work was my art today...

I was hoping to avoid using work art as my art-a-day art but there is only so much one can do while kids are at school! Once they are home it's "mom-mom-mom-mom". Today I finalized the color scheme for a commercial design project, ordered paint samples and spent time researching office chair styles/ colors. Tomorrow I get to make a small cardboard mock up of the room. Looking forward to more art for me!


BobiWilson said...

I wish for you having more time for your own creative pursuits too though do you find yourself thinking about your "own" art more often or differently by way of this month-long intent?
AND, though you work your a** off you actually make a living creatively. Woot!

Laura G said...

That's exciting Michelle to hear you are doing a commercial design project -- you're an interior designer too! You are creative to the core. Your artistry seeps from your pores, so even when you aren't making pictures you are still creating art! You are amazing. (and ditto what Bobi just said...)

Chell Design said... guys make me teary.
Bobi-I do think differently with this intent. I have rarely created art 'just because' it's always been for sale, so I really seem to need a motive and a 'challenge' seems to work. I also get to ponder what I am interested in and use up some of my extra supplies!
Laura- Commercial Design is a stretch, not having a formal background in design. But it's fun and the client likes my taste so far.