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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Welcome to All and particularly those who joined us despite my less-than-graceful invitation letter. I misspelled "repetition" and "soliloquy" and, so help me, I never get recieve right.  So much for spellchek. :-/

So delighted to have you here for Art-a-Day! The challenge officially starts January 1st but the fun starts now! I'm getting pumped. I have three challenges in mind for myself.
1. try totally new forms, materials, aesthetics and whatever else new and untried I can figure out without buying any special supplies.
2. stretch my metalsmith skills on a new jewelry concept. However, this one I want to hold close and dear so might not share many pictures of these. We'll see...
3. Play with dolls! During the first Art-a-Day I made cut-out type dolls from copper and a little stage for them thinking something along the lines of Kabuki theater. Actually, I was thinking "Noh" theater, and since it was neither I called it Noht Kabuki. (*pa dum pum*)  That never came to pass so, for my own sheer delight, I'm going to pose them and share pictures. Hopefully a new one each day.

This last one blows my mind since I so totally never "got" playing with dolls as a child.  Bouncing Barby on her dainty little feet, talking dribble in a tiny little voices and pretending to shop, drink tea and talk to boys while being all stiff and, well, weird???  I don't get it.  I couldn't even "pretend" with my children.  Thank goodness they had friends.

I look forward to the ride with you this month!

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