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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

**** Art-a-Day 2 ****

Last year’s January Art-a-Day challenge was so fun – let’s do it again. And yes, that means it begins tomorrow, January 1, 2010. There’s still time to participate – read on.

The idea is to challenge yourself creatively every day for the month of January. Wherever you do your work, however you do your work –show up every day –and do it. It’s that simple. How to challenge yourself is up to you – but do challenge yourself. And share your experiences at . This is uber fun and a powerful experience if you will allow it to be so. See comments from last year at the end of this letter

Last year we had 11 artists participate and an excellent (and profitable!) little show in March at Studio 17B in downtown Kennewick. We will do the same again this March. Because of the late notice I’ll allow a few days to hear from you, but I must hear from you if you intend to participate.

Interested? Willing? Questions? Contact Bobi Wilson,

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey fellow blogger/artists....
It's getting time to think about and start getting ready for the "ART-A-DAY" show we are going to have at 17 1/2 No. Auburn Gallery on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of March. Here are a few of the things I have been thinking:
First Thursday we will be open from noon to 9pm. Friday and Saturday from noon to 6pm. I will ask and hope that every artist represented in the show will be at First Thursday. I am thinking of setting up a computer with the screen blinking the images we sent to the blog. Rastovich...if you have a hankering to take this project over, I'd love it. Something tells me you know bunches more than I do in this area. But if you are overwhelmed with the thought of adding one more thing to do, I can certainly understand. Let me know okay? If any of you want to come hang out in the gallery on Friday and/or Saturday I'd love the company. We can have a mini-salon, eh? Eat the rest of the food, drink wine, OH, and sell art! I will be in town on Monday the 1st and will be in the gallery preparing for the show. I would like the art to be to the gallery no later than Tuesday the 2nd which will give Bobi and I Wednesday to get everything hung and placed. So please plan on delivering your art and inventory lists which include title, dimensions, and price (so we can make a tag) Monday or Tuesday . My cell phone is 503.708.6187 if you have any questions.
For this show the gallery will not take any commission from the selling price. So please consider keeping your prices low enough that they can all blow out of the gallery. Wouldn't that be great? Then we can be free to make more art....yeehaw.
I am also asking everyone to help out with the munchies, crunchies and gulps. Please consider bring a bottle of wine and one appetizer for the show. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. A bowl of m&m's or potato chips would be perfect. I will have a few things also, but any help would be appreciated. I'll supply the glasses plates and napkins.
Okay, that is all I can think of for now. Blog questions, thoughts, suggestions, okay?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Entertainer

Check out the center fold of the Entertainer - now on newsstands! Woot!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ancestral Journey

This a 24"x 72" diptych I've been working on.
The two photographs were shot side by side so I have a flow of composition. And they are the same exposure. This is easier than picking through random ones I've shot at different times and trying to make them work together.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Traveling Shoes and Rolling Hills

End of January

It was quite a night on Friday. I was busy finishing up my major painting for Art-A-Day. It reminds me so much of my student days in Kansas, staying up playing with paints. The only difference was that my little Katherine was excited waiting by the table. Her job was to squeeze paint tubes for me. I am very lucky. I was pleased by the result. It has taken awhile for me to get into the flow. I am happy that after years of trying different themes and styles, I finally found a theme and know what I want to convey in my paintings. “Traveling Shoe and Rolling Hills” (size: 64" x 40") is a story about travel to new lands, fitting in, learning how to succeed and when to bow out in the human jungle. It is about my great grandmom, whose lotus feet was casted in my memory. This is the beginning of a series of work. I am currently working on the second painting, more about East and West.


Last day of January Art-a-Day Challenge!

I had no intention of making anything today. I puttered with Noht Kabuki then set to cleaning up the studio when a tin of miscellaneous silver caught my attention. Here’s the result of my re-purposing.

Re-purposing or getting sidetracked by something shiny isn’t new; neither is re-working these particular parts. Delighting in what they are rather than what they “ought” to be is new. That – is but one of the gifts this month has given me.

Oh –and I did manage to get my trash bin emptied.


I tried to write this in Spanish but apparently it won't translate. I clicked on the button for Spanish and this is what I got. Mui Mallo!


Does the tile I am setting in a woman's bathroom count as art? I didn't make the tile. I tried to talk her into that but she wanted commercial tile. Can't blame her but with the additions of diverse material into my clay there seems to be a real improvement in the dry strength and shrinkage of my tile with very little warpage. I might try to make larger tile in the future. 4" is very reliable, assuming I don't drop one while loading the kiln. With shower tile the larger the better. The thin set and moose milk wabi basin is started. If it works I'll bring it in March. Speaking of clay I think it was the sculptor Constantine Brancussi who reportedly had a clay that could be fired by the cubic foot. Wouldn't that be nice. Pat

Friday, January 30, 2009

Laura G (day 26-27)

This scratchbord is titled "Rebirth". It represents the part of us that wants to fly free and become something more.

I have several more scratch projects not quite done yet...they are in sketch phase. So hopefully they can be part of this show. Do I need to have them represented here somehow before the month ends?

Tick Tock!

Laura G (day 25)

Where did last week go? I'm trying to resurect it for this blog. This is a coupon box that I found in Craft Warehouse. The little flap is made of a very pliable and thin piece of balsa wood. I think it will make a fun little book.... possibly??
I've been hopping about my Janurary projects doing a bit here, trying this there, researching for one or trying a display for another. A few are coming clear in my mind now. Urban Renewal (the little colorful houses) was quite stuck until some brainstorming with DS kickstarted me into a pithy bit of vision and meaning - Thank You! Haven't yet decided the hinging for Kiwi Philosophy and am almost ready to try mock-ups and then mechanisms for my Noht Kabuki characters. Thank goodness I have February to work on them!
I've been itching to fire up my torch though no ideas were coming to mind until I found these copper hearts I dinked with long ago. Today I tried similar in silver, practicing with a new product (cuprinol) and wire solder rather than tediously cutting and meticulously placing solder paillans in crusty flux. I'm still awkward at it but it's way easier. WAY easier.
I think I will turn them into pins, add enamels, resins, etc., try a variety of other styles and put them like chocolates into a February advent calendar.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Project load-in

Only two full days of January Art-a-Day challenge remaining!

If you have projects started or near ready to start you might want to do just that and post some pictures. Then complete them in February if you'd like to have them included in the March show.

I have about 6 pieces in my head and want to start all of them tomorrow! Maybe I can have one of those dazzling days in the studio where it all just comes together. If not, well... I've learned to accept those kinds of days too.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laura G (day 24)

Scratchbord art titled "Rooted in Possibility"... I may yet add a bit of red to this one. I love the shape of radishes, the inspiration of this piece. No great insights into the art process this time. Just feels good to scratch out these images.

The Kiwi Shoe Polish Philosophy of Life

Here are the beginnings for a bookart piece. I use Kiwi polish as a protective finish on metal, wood, paper...

In the studio one day, talking on the phone with a friend, I found my gaze stuck fast to the Kiwi tin on my desk. I was staring at it in that other-mind kind of way. Suddenly the words "shining, nourishing and protecting" jumped to my attention. They perfectly suited the conversation and a full blown philosophy of life came clear to me in a clean, simple, polish tin sort of way.
Shine, Nourish, Protect - good words to live by.

Evidence of Tinkering

These are the patina samplings from my Day 1 entry. It took an unexpected turn.

It's titled Evidence of Tinkering because everything in the piece had a previous life as something entirely different - a bracelet, texturing experiments, display, etc.. It is designed so that every aspect of it can be moved or manipulated to allow further "Tinkering".

This is it's third hanging mechanism. I'm still not happy with it but will do for the moment.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1st String

This was the most difficult part, getting this 1st string up and real. Much like Yichien, I tend to overthink my first actions, but last night I just sat down, put on some good music, and DID IT. And even today, I am still "stoked to the Max" about getting it out. Knowing I did this one, I believe I can complete the rest of this piece, strange as it may be. I love the deep Zone/Zen of making all these pieces come together, it's the best part of making art. Thank you for this space to create.

Yichien's Poster

Day 9-day 21Day 9 to Day 21
Chinese New Year is an important event in our family. This year, I was one of the committee members for Tri-Cities Chinese American Association. I had a chance to design the poster, program notes, and annual directory for the event. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun as well. During this time, I also create a set of Chinese Zodiac coloring templates for kids to make their own head dresses for the performance. The event was last Saturday at Richland High. Emilie got to make one for her Chinese Zodiac Song, but her daddy forgot to put her onto the stage in time. Oh well.

Yichien & Emilie Art-A Day Updates

Hello fellow artists,
Ever since we started the art-a-day, our dinning table begins to pile up many interesting materials. Emilie (4.5 year-old) loves to do quick art. I, on the other hand, like to organize my work space before I paint and ponder my brush strokes. So, the conversation goes like this, “I am done, mom. Why haven’t you started yet? See, mom, you do not need to worry that much. Just try it. Be brave! Why don’t you put some blue? Do you need help? I can help!” Of course, my 2-year-old is into helping, too. Soon enough, the art making process has become behavior management. However, after 26 days of doing it, I found myself longing for this unique bonding with my children. What a wonderful thing to do before their nap time! In the past weeks, Emilie made many 4x6 drawings, collages, and two canvases. I, on the other hand, try to work my way to put some ideas into reality. I will share with you some more. Thanks for including us.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stanley the Cat

This is Stanley the cat. Next to an early segment of this month's work and detritus. This piece is becoming more strange than anything I've ever attempted. It's almost very scary for me, because it's very abstract and conceptual. Usually my work is strange, but understandable. I've never had the confidence to go abstract before, and it's pushing me past my comfort zone. Hurray !! The fine folks at Victory Motorcycle's on Clearwater have given me the key to this piece, and I want to thank them profusely. I see this piece clearly in my mind, and am curious to see how it turns out in the material plane.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Laura G (day 20-23)

Yea! this commissioned painting is complete. (See the Laura G: day 9-11 entry for a previous post of it's progress). Unfortunately I can't display it in our upcoming show, but it's fun to post it here. Every year the Children's Developmental Center hosts a wine auction to raise money for children with developmental delays and disabilities, aged birth to 3. This painting will be auctioned at the event, along with several prints. Hopefully it will bring in a lot of money for them. I will keep you posted. 

(Has the group considered keeping this blog alive beyond the January deadline). It is a great motivator, and connector to other artist's. It's as though we can peek into each other's studios. I really enjoy posting to it and reading what others have done. Love the interactivity of it.

Art-a-Day going viral

My friend, Terrie, who recently undertook a "photo-a-day for a year" was reading our blog and was inspired by "zen rocks". I mean, what's not to love about rocks - Right?!
So she went hunting in her yard in Nevada and sent me these pics.
Too fun!

Welcome to the blog, Beth!

Anyone know why I can't comment on Beth's post? I keep getting bumped back to the top of the blog instead of to a comment dialog box.


I find Laura's words, "...I discovered that this Art-a-day blog is more about "being" an artist and the way that feels inside, than it is about merely "doing" art..." to mirror my own experience this month.

I began this whole thing so I could better learn what being an artist meant to me and to perhaps learn if claiming "artist" was a genuine expression for me. Unlike some of you, I didn’t show up on the planet already knowing. What, I said to myself, if I "do" art without at the same time trying to justify myself as an artist? What if I simply show up and allow to happen whatever wants to happen?

I discovered it’s exceedingly fun. Without concern for if it’s good enough, sellable, valuable or worthy, I simply show up and take whatever action seems to present itself. When the insecurities show up I remind myself they don’t have a voice in the matter this month and it’s fun again.

I discovered my work is far more controlled than my mind. My mind travels vast and divergent paths but my work comes back to familiar form, pattern, color, feel – at least more than I expected and at least for the present.

I discovered my conversations, networking, sourcing and studying are part of the process. My glimpses, dreams, meditations, insights and even after-images from a bright light are part of the process. These are not new awareness’s. Previously lumped into a catagory loosely considered “not studio time” are now elevated to a level equal to, as needful as, as productive as and as precious as, studio time.

I have not discovered how to keep my house clean at the same time.

Art-a-Day Gallery Event

Okay - the gallery event is decided -
March 5, 6 & 7
17 and 17 1/2 North Auburn in downtown Kennewick.

Deborah Watkins has offered to host and sit the show for those days and Laura Gable, who will be newly renting the 17N site, will share her studio space so the show can spread between the two. This will also coincide with the First Thursday Art Walk in Historic Downtown Kennewick.

I'm assuming anyone currently blogging here will participate in the show. A few others have been taking part in the "challenge' though not blogging. Please let me know if you plan to be "in" or "not".

The one criteria for the show is all works submitted must have been completed, begun or actively worked on this month as part of the Art-a-Day process. This can include sketches, drafts and attemps as well as completed works, though no old stuff. This show will showcase your work as well as the process, if you care to share, of what you learned, gained, struggled with, etc throughout the challenge.
Only those who committed to the challenge will take part in the show.

Cool, huh?

Thank you again to all of you joining in on this adventure. I'm loving the company here!


Well I wonder what happened to the post I was preparing. It was all about my reservations about dealing with certain members of our local restaurant community. Maybe God didn't want to post that so he had me erase it my mistake. I got some new work from my workshops but, you know, my wife is gone so I can't post them. Someday I'll learn how to do that. The work is sort of academic anyway. Pat

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I deckled the edges of 8 1/2 x 11 Unri paper and printed the pages, then folded them. The signatures are bound with a simple pamphlet stitch and then I covered davey board with a lovely tactile paper and glued them to the outer page of the front & back signature. A pleasant way to conform a pamphlet to something more substantial. Finished piece measures 41/4" x 5 1/2 "

The Words In My Head That far

this is the little book I've been working on for the last few days. Insane amount of time on the computer, my kudo's to Rastovich for making it look easy, it ain't.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This has been my week's work, figuring out this 3'x5' triptych. It is my first ever so I had to figure out measurements and how the different prints would look together. I also added a rusty metal piece with hammered copper in the center of that piece at the lower left corner; and a small piece of gold/copper leaf on the right panel. This gives me the sense of satisfaction I had doing collage and assemblage!


Monday, January 19, 2009

Laura G (6 days including the 19th)

Hiking up Badger Mt yesterday, yielded some interesting photographs taken on my little iPhone. I understand this thick frost, is called hoar frost. It is spiky, yet delicate and hugs the north side of plant material and chainlink fences. So beautiful. Even with the gray day, it had a remarkable beauty.

What else have I been up to these past 6 days since my last post? Lots of stalling - or maybe just waiting "till the vessel would fill again." Art supplies have been ordered; I've met with my private students; have painted 3 days in short spurts; enjoyed lunch with 2 artist friends discussing the business of art; helped another artist set up and photograph a booth display; spent time deliberating my future as an artist; and sketched several pages of those "stream of consciousness" doodles.... I'll post those later. I think the well is filling again. Yea!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Geting out

This is the beginnings of the piece I'd like to submit for the March show, whatever it's called.

The final piece will be very different. Thank goodness art is a process, and a journey.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

regarding: March 2009

Grand and wonderful idea for the "Eyes of March" ... "Ayes of March?" So how do we go about it? Orchestrate through Brook at You and I?
We need to set dates soon for the show so we can get info to the Entertainer -who offered to do a story.

More fun with scraps

What could be more fun than combining copper with coloring!
This is a process created and perfected by Marilyn da Silva where copper is cleaned and given several coats of gesso. Color is applied with colored pencils and blended with turpentine, the black areas are liver of sulphur patina.

I’m not yet sure how I want to mount them. These are still sitting on the paper towel I used to spray coat them. Each "village" is approx 3" x 5".

Doodling with scraps

I had four small sheets of 8oz copper about 4" x 6" with a soft pink/red patina. Three of them I cut into strips and practiced weaving which came out very flexible and fabric-like. The fourth became a landscape. Some of the small pieces are scraps from the weavings and others are attempts at weaving a heavier weight copper that I'd long ago practiced a process called fold-forming developed by Charles Lewton Brain - testing the notion that the folds, if used strategically, might hold the piece together. Works to some degree.

Friday, January 16, 2009

friday night

I know some of you are probably tired of me challenging some foregone conclusions but I though tonight was a real waste of time. Kim had the plans already cast in stone and I am confused why she even bothered to talk to us. If there is no place for us why did we listen to her? I loose patience with people who think art is a frill and a casual pastime. I am thinking of her employers. It is time this country realized what the arts do for our economy. Graphics, only a part of the art industry, is the 5th largest industry in this country. Intertainment is the largest. There are more people doing visual communication for a living than there are chemists, biologists, psychologists and mathmaticians combined. If the Reach isn't going to serve the people they cannot blame the people for not coming. If you don't build it they won't come.
I've worked the last two days on the computer editing the poems for the book. I feel like my head is tweeked just a tad to the left. But, I think I may be ready for a final print onto the "pretty" paper, gulp, I only have one sheet. Then the book structure can be made to house the poems. Here is the last poem I've far, you all probably recognize it.



this sacred circle
steps hover, hesitant
then tentatively trace
the path polished pure
by countless ones before them
gradually a rhythmic lilt evolves
finally... finally the mind quiets
the soul is open to listen
for the story simply
waiting to be

March 2009

Lu Ann and I will be having a joint show at the You & I Gallery in March. Seems to me, this would be a good time to stage the Art-a-Day show as well. 

It could happen like this...
  • You & I Gallery: Lu Ann Ostergaard and Michael Rastovich
  • D.S Studio Gallery: The Art-a-Day Show
  • The old Reniassance Gallery: The new Laura Gable Gallery
  • Kennewick Coffee: ???
  • Backbone Restaurant: ???
  • That Glass Blowing place: ???
  • T & L Art Supplies: ???
  • Sara Nelson Design (the old Watkins Gallery): ???
We could call it "Eyes of March" (groan)

Lucifer and the Pope

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How goes it for you?

I'm past a weird pall that came over me for a day and a half and feeling myself once again. Whew!

Fun day in the studio absolutely abandoning anything going on before and trying the new. Since more pictures of my in-process desk would be tedious I'll just wait to post whatever evolves later. Yesterday, with the warmer weather I was able to fling the winter curtains aside and let some light in and work in the larger studio space. Thank goodness! I'm not much of a mole. Today the cold brought the curtains back down but I'm solarly charged for a while.

I've heard from some (who have yet to post here, *poke, poke*) simply the idea of art a day and attempting it as best they might has bvrought images, ideas and fun back into their work. Very cool. Another friend was inspired to join a take a picture a day for a year online challenge.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Laura G (day 12-13)

This little painting is still in progress. I started it last year, but stalled out. My student noted that it looked like he was wearing "britches". Sort of a Peter Rabbit look rather than the "serious" bunny I'm after.  So today involved a bit of research to find the right stance and expression. Hopefully I can get that adjusted tomorrow....and get my brushes back in the paint.

Yesterday was a day of art-sharing with my book artist's friends. We shared stories of "sacred spaces" and what that means to us. Quite a lovely conversation. I came away with such a fullness and peace. Spent an hour or so on a bench by the river just studying the horizontal and vertical lines cast by poplars and the ripples from a passing boat. (Can you just barely make that out in the iPhone photo I snapped). I discovered that this Art-a-day blog is more about "being" an artist and the way that feels inside, than it is about merely "doing" art.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Did you check out old I am? It says 1963. That's old! Started new portrait. You won't see this one. No show tonight for my pottery class. wonder what happened to them. Could have gone to CBC show for D. Gast. Wish I had. Carnegie said the reason they are closing is the usual. Not enough volunteers, not enough money and the City of Walla2 won't cough up maintanance on building. It really is a cool bldg. The Pottery Place Plus in Spokane has OK'd a show for me. If it happens I''ll get you all a post card. Cool huh! Did you know my wife is named Pat? Pat and Pat, isn't that cute. She is going to show me how to post pics of my work just like everyone else, soon. One of my film cameras died so we are thinking about a digital camera for me too. It seems odd that a gallery wouldn't charge enough commision to cover expenses. I would have paid a rental fee if it meant keeping the gallery. Some galleries are charging a membership fee. It doesn't matter how much it costs as long there is enough sales. The best outlet I ever had charged 55% mark up. That means for every $1 sale I got .45 and they got .55. I wish I had something like that now. The sales were 3 figures every month. I am really bad with names, that's why I married a woman with the same name as me but has anyone invited You&I frameshop to 509art? Thanks Pat (the guy)

Day 8 - 12

Day 8
Too much wine at Ashbeck’s when I realized I hadn’t done any art for the day. Erin showed me around Photoshop. I did do a graphic…which the world need never see.

Day 9
Mostly computer research and physical recovery today. Noht Kabuki is proving time consuming. Since I rarely do anything twice I spend much of my time climbing steep learning curves.

Day 10
Progressing on projects and starting others. Maybe complete something tomorrow???

Day 11

Woohoo! Something done! A while back I punched holes into copper sheet then dropped it into an acid bath to see what it’d do to those holes. Not much –will leave it longer when (if) I try again. Then patina’d, or rather, allowed a patina to happen, cut, filed and hammered. I have some meaty handmade watercolor paper around so decided to make it into sketchbook. Drilled, punched and assembled.

Day 12
Today was much brainstorming, idea-trying and mess-making though nothing much overtly productive. I have about 10 pounds of fishing lures I pull out at least once a year and still haven’t found their purpose yet. I want to paint on a piece of a bamboo placemat though am so frightfully intimidated by brush and paint.
Things I’ve learned today:
*I absolutely resist imposed directions even when I’m the one imposing.
*I might need to reduce my expectations of Noht Kabuki if I hope to complete it this month. Still hope to produce at least a working model.
*Epoxy and resin will be a learning curve item for some while yet.
* I simply cannot complete a simple project. I have to make it complicated, time consuming and far beyond my current capabilities.
What I hope from today:
Crunky days like this often translate into very creative firestorms if I stick with it.


Another little collage. these are about 5 inches square.

What's happening with everyone else? Haven't heard much lately....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Laura G (day 9to11)

Some more sketching on this second weekend of the new year. I am missing the scratchbord because it is fun to cart around and work with quickly. (Best follow Rastovich's advice and get it ordered). I realize how much I miss drawing. This scary doodle showed up last evening. 
Also have been working on a logo. I will show it to you soon.
Here's some progress on painting that I sketched out in my last post. I'll get it finished up soon. Just a bit of refinement and "shadow patrol" is necessary. How is everyone else's progress progressing?


I redid the tile that I broke yesterday and it is drying. Fired the tiles that were ready. Retouched the portrait of the girl, finished the still life and the rattlesnake mountain pic and am looking at the crane pic & worked on my proposal. The crane pic is unsatisfactory so far. Groomed what will be the second pasture so that I can rotate the horse's pastures to help with the quality of feed and worms. You can grow 7 tons of grass per acre if you do it right. Tomorrow I go to Walla2 and retrieve my pics and pots and then swing by my sister where I will photo the step I made for her from brick that I made. I am really sorry that Carnegie is closing. I started there in the 70's. I won't have time,probably, to swing by Kennewick High School to photo the monolith and vats that I made for an application for a grant. I have been approached by the Old Hotel about being on their board. Maybe a practitioner on the board can stop it from going the way of Allied and Carnegie. If we don't have a gallery maybe there will be nowhere for locals to exhibit. The Zen in me says maybe that is the way it is supposed to be. I once had a painting instructor who said "If you are not a little embarrassed about what you are doing it probagbly isn't worth doing." Thanks Pat

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Why do I have to have the e-mail address to comment on a fellow art-a-day person's work? I wanted to tell Luann that her work is marvelous. I am barely in the 20th century much less the 21st so can someone tell how to comment on art? Thanks Pat

WOW this is cool

Wow this is great! I actually got on this sight without help from my wife, son or daughters. What a marvel. And it has speel chek too. I finished the still Life from Thursday's class and started the sandhill crane pic for the Old Hotel. I told them I would do one. It's has it's problems. I broke a tile last night as I was loading it into the kiln so I will have to redo it. Mike, our son, was over tonight and through conversation he reminded me that you can put up to 50% pulverized paper into your clay. I am planning on doing that for my tiles and brick as I can. Othello clay is easier to get than newspaper. This formula makes clay a minority ingrediant in the clay mix. I'll put in 25%paper 33%perlite and the rest Othello clay. I have a bunch of brick and tile to make so the paper thing will help. It actually makes the wet and dry strength of the clay better. I am in italics now and can't get out but it looks kind of cool so I'll leave it. So far I have two paintings and a bunch of tile for the March show. This is going to be sweet. Deb wants us to open a walk in co-op gallery in her space on Auburn st. Me too. Tom was right. Carnegie missed me with their announcement but they are closing for good. I'll go up there Monday and retrieve my work. I am sad. I loved being in Carnegie. I was in before,about 25 yrs ago, but got busy and couldn't fulfill my obligation so we parted company. My youngest child got a role in a sci-fi TV program where she plays a "robot diva." It will be a streach for her because she has always seem a deva to us. Thanks Pat

Warrenton Estuary

This is one of my abstract digital photographs. I took this shot of a weathered metal panel behind Tommy's Steel and Salvage in Pasco. I printed it up in a 24x36" size. I decided to cut down to 11x36 to give it a nice landscape look. I have been texturing my pieces with extra heavy gel medium, but I'm not sure I like them so shiny, so I've ordered semi-gloss gel medium to tone them down a little.

I've completed two more collages and modified and existing one, but they are similar to the others posted so I won't bore you with more of the same for the time being. However, they still are a source of enjoyment, so onward I go. I did spend Friday making this bowl. I was curious if I could bend them then weave them and if they would retain the curved shape. They did. I trimmed the ends to about 1/2 inch and then bent it over the last piece to finish the edges. The shape is graceful, slightly irregular, and certainly functional. I may do more but the time involved to complete one and the sore fingers and scratched forearms made me just a tad cranky.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Laura G (day8)

Today was a sketching day ... here are a few I am working on. One is just a doodle from a long conversation with an old friend. The other is a painting commission for upcoming wine event. 

"Inside you there's an artist you don't know about...say yes quickly, if you know, if you've known it from before the beginning of the universe."  -Jalai Ud-din Rumi

Laura G (day7)

So I ran out of the black scratchbords, but did find this small 4x4 claybord. I coated it with prussian blue watercolor ink and after letting it dry awhile, went ahead and started scratching. It doesn't respond in quite the same way -- the clay surface seems softer. This one will have to be coated with a clear protective coating to prevent smearing. It reminds me of the ocean. And may be part of a larger ensemble at some point in the future. This process makes the creative mind whirl.

Here's another artist who does scratchbord. She explains the process quite well if you care to peek: 

Blue Karma

My latest Art-A Day is titled Blue Karma. Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences; making one responsible for one's own life...and the pain and joy it brings to them and others. The results of actions are called karma-phala. In religions that incorporate reincarnation, karma extends through one's present life and all past and future lives as well.

okay here is the day 7 last one. I'll keep making these until I weary of them. I have other things rumbling around in my head that want expression, so I may try doing both, if I can find a clean spot on my desk that is.

and another. did i mention i'm having fun???
titled so because the old picture stated thus on the back. The copper wrapped cylinder is a shot gun shell, again to be used as a vase if one wishes. Recognize those tiles underneath? They are left-overs from the fire place hearth from former dswatkins gallery. Sigh.