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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Laura G (6 days including the 19th)

Hiking up Badger Mt yesterday, yielded some interesting photographs taken on my little iPhone. I understand this thick frost, is called hoar frost. It is spiky, yet delicate and hugs the north side of plant material and chainlink fences. So beautiful. Even with the gray day, it had a remarkable beauty.

What else have I been up to these past 6 days since my last post? Lots of stalling - or maybe just waiting "till the vessel would fill again." Art supplies have been ordered; I've met with my private students; have painted 3 days in short spurts; enjoyed lunch with 2 artist friends discussing the business of art; helped another artist set up and photograph a booth display; spent time deliberating my future as an artist; and sketched several pages of those "stream of consciousness" doodles.... I'll post those later. I think the well is filling again. Yea!


BobiWilson said...

Besides being impressed with the photos your iphone takes - I'm WAY impressed you're out climbling mountains when it's that cold!

laura G said...

When my head is full of stuff and thinking gets bogged down ... movement is the best thing for me. Perhaps doing it regularly would really benefit (rather than once every 4 months). Or at least on days when Mercury goes into retrograde :-)

BobiWilson said...

I was just reading about Helen Klein who at 55 took up running. She ran three marathons in three days - just before her 83rd birthday.

Wanna take up running with me?

Laura G said...

wow something to aspire to. wonderful lesson there to think in terms of "possibility".