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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I find Laura's words, "...I discovered that this Art-a-day blog is more about "being" an artist and the way that feels inside, than it is about merely "doing" art..." to mirror my own experience this month.

I began this whole thing so I could better learn what being an artist meant to me and to perhaps learn if claiming "artist" was a genuine expression for me. Unlike some of you, I didn’t show up on the planet already knowing. What, I said to myself, if I "do" art without at the same time trying to justify myself as an artist? What if I simply show up and allow to happen whatever wants to happen?

I discovered it’s exceedingly fun. Without concern for if it’s good enough, sellable, valuable or worthy, I simply show up and take whatever action seems to present itself. When the insecurities show up I remind myself they don’t have a voice in the matter this month and it’s fun again.

I discovered my work is far more controlled than my mind. My mind travels vast and divergent paths but my work comes back to familiar form, pattern, color, feel – at least more than I expected and at least for the present.

I discovered my conversations, networking, sourcing and studying are part of the process. My glimpses, dreams, meditations, insights and even after-images from a bright light are part of the process. These are not new awareness’s. Previously lumped into a catagory loosely considered “not studio time” are now elevated to a level equal to, as needful as, as productive as and as precious as, studio time.

I have not discovered how to keep my house clean at the same time.

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