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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

So excited to get to the studio tomorrow to tidy up and get ready for another Art-a-Day journey!  Wahoo!

Below is my most recent work, Lower Columbia Basin Shrub-Steppe.  I started research/development on it  Nov. 2011 and completed the entire edition just before Christmas this year.  Tomorrow will be putting the materials away and organizing files and finances - then on to new things!

Lower Columbia Basin
Shrub Steppe

Limited edition of 50.  Size: 4" x 3" x 1.75"
A Northwestern view of local mountain range (etched copper, through the windows) with geological, environmental and ecological information hand-scribed and drawn as though it's a naturalist's field guide.

The solidity of basalt, the certainty of the mountains, the steadfastness of the Columbia River and the magnitude of events that created them belie the fragile nature of the 
Lower Columbia Shrub-Steppe region
The flora, fauna and creatures expressed on fragile paper represent only some of the local species considered Endangered, Threatened, of Concern or Watched.  As easy as a simple snipping of thread these species can be gone and with them much of the rarity, beauty and integrity of this place we call home.
 Each book is signed, numbered and then etched and hiding behind a "trap door" on the back.
It's difficult to capture. Begs to be held.

I'm looking forward to this Bobi, thank you for the invite. What are the rules???
Thanks again,
We need spell check on this. It must be my private school training that makes me such a bad speeler. Did you see what I did? Speeler was a sef deprivating joke there. We had 44 kids in my 2nd grade class, sort of like what is happening in charter schools across the country. Close's painting was for Bridgport students. I would include it but I don't know how. He had a drawing on exhibit at Mary Hill and I had a bunch of HS students there and was explaning from across the room how he worked so accurately and as we approached the drawing we realized he had done it with thumbprints. It was a amazing! What a gift. Thanks.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello again. We hung two shows today and will do another one next week. What a blast. The new exhibits are at Zinful's and SmokeStop Vapor. We had lunch at Z's today and their ruben us really good. Ask for ranch dressing with gargonzola cheese crumples for your salad. Yum! Did you see the posting about Chuch Close's inspiration painting for Fridgeport Conn's students? Typical Close genius. Put some handles on some mugs and made an "arty" pot today. I hope they don't blow up in the kiln.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello again. There are a couple of high school students coming over to use my clay equipment during the break. They are getting ready for the ESD art show which is the big one for schools. It is good to see young folks getting arty. Allied Arts used to have a high school art scholarship but now it is an academic scholarship. One has to wonder why an art organization would stop supporting art-education and shift to left brained support but that is only one thing of many that confuse me in this world. Pat Fleming AKA "unknown"

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas, yesterday. I didn't get to work except to re-evaluate paintings, fire an already loaded bisque kiln and wedge some clay which was out drying. Am struggling with another picture of Getty Lee but while struggling I found pics of Miles Davis (what a face!), Eartha Kit (what a face!), Aretha Franklin (what a face!) and more. I was asked once if I could paint white people. I find non-colorful people just that, pale, subtle, boring and hard to do. There is a reason why in Spanish we are clled "blank."Thank goodness for diversity. Pat Fleming

Sunday, December 23, 2012

This is straight off my morning-coffee sketch pad. Sorry it couldn’t be more flattening Bobi, you look better than this but it’s the best I can do. The rockets and hats are what I’m into right now; there everywhere!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Paintings from Pat Fleming

Here's 3 paintings I did this fall. Farmer's Market, Augustus McRay, and Bob Marley. I did another one of Fredrick Douglass and a couple of landscapes. The painting of Fredrick has a hardness to it. I like it but I think it will be a "hang this one in your private space" painting. Shepat put these images on for me since I can't figure out how. The landscapes are small. The larger acrylic landscape is getting boring. Did everyone see the posting about "In every artist's studio there is a stack of art where the artist's dedication out pace the artist's inspiration."? Thanks. Pat Fleming
Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finishing up

I'm working to complete a limited edition bookart piece because, well, because I want to and so I can have January free to work on whatever I fancy.  Will post pictures once I'm done.
Hello. Fired another kiln today, stretched a canvas and am going to start an acrylic landscape tomorrow and trim some bowls. Two of the bowls are made from Priest Lake clay brough here by one of my students. The other one is a demo from our Othello clay. cyberart509 has 5 exhibits to set up this coming month. I still haven't figured out how to post a picture;Some day soon though.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hello. I just pushed the wrong button and lost everything I wrote. It was really well written too. Am firing kiln today then working on retaining wall. I also erred by listing my language as Eastern European and now I cannot read it so I cannot figure out how to have my postings labeled with my name. So I will sign them and will ask my wife to show me how to post pictures when she gets back from lunch with our oldest daughter. Thanks. Pat Fleming

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Art biz software?

Anyone use an Artist's software they love? like?
I'm testing out GYST, decided no to Flick! and waiting until eArtist's new update comes out before looking closer.
Each has it's perks and drawbacks.  Mostly I want a manager to take care of all that business, archiving, etc stuff.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Well it looks like I should sign my postings. Pat Fleming
Hello. Let's see if this thing is on. I don't see any blinking red light. Pugged clay today, sold some to Michael S. met another potter who joined cyberart509, talked to Brooke about opening a co-op gallery, fired 2 kilns (one is about 1 1/2 cu. ft), looked at some subject pics. One pic is of an African American girl and the other isn't. I was asked once if I can paint white people so I did once. Have submitted it to Chancellor Show at WSUR. It is of Agustus McCrey. I also painted another pic of Bob Marley but that was last month. It is my 4th or 5th. He has such an interesting face so does Agustus. Can I get credit for testing my newly designed wood gassifier? Thanks. Pat

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ugly Fish?

Hello fellow artists and art enthusiasts!

My name is Felicia Follum and this is my first post for Art-a-Day, though I have been following the blog since March. I am an emerging artist and will be graduating from the University of Wyoming in May.  My artwork tends to focus on social issues.  My most recent body of work deals with African American religious culture and my next body will be dealing with human trafficking.

To see more about me and my artwork check out my blog, website, or Facebook page.  But for now I would like to share one of the watercolor studies I painted a couple days ago. This painting was supposed to be a study of cloth using my dad’s old fish tie. I ended up drawing the fish instead of the waded fabric at the other end.  I really enjoy the colors in this painting...

My mom hated the fish tie and gave it to me in high school.  I kept it and entered it in  an ugly tie contest at Alexander's, a jewelry shop.  It won enough for a free pearl necklace. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Card Show at DS Watkins

A great show and a wonderful experience, thank you Deborah!
The Downtown Kennewick art community is the best! These businesses have supported many artists throughout the years and deserve support from the artists in return. The big art stores, fast food restaurants, and Fu-Fu coffee shops may deserve some of our business, but ask yourself: “Do they support local art and artists?
Support those that support you by spending a portion of your money at those businesses that participate in ArtWalk and other artistic projects!

Card show at DS Watkins Studio

BIG thanks for the show last night, and the after party. I had a truly awesome time. The company was terrific, the atmosphere was amazing, and the nibbles were ... yum. =)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nancy -

I sent lots of people over to You & I framing and gallery to see your work tonight- only to find when I went there that your show isn't until March! oops!
Looking for to it in March then!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bespeckled Drawing

For the past 2 months I've been reading an incredible biography about Woody Allen. It's full of interviews, personal accounts, and details about his work process. As an artist I'm always looking for somebody with a stellar work ethic, and with Woody being writer, directer and (most of the time) an actor in his movies, I think he makes the cut. Sure, his personal life is well.. sketchy, but I'm interested in the creative side. Which is why I'm stoked, because tonight I'll be watching Annie Hall for the first time. So in honour of that bespeckled hopeless dude, I drew a portrait of him.
Not my best work, but I think I get an A for effort.

Stay Artsy & DFTBA

Sarah Bosserman

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank you!!

It has been such a pleasure to be in your company. I look forward to more opportunities.

Progress? Whith Blue Sky? HA

I JUST realized it's the last day of January. I can't believe how fast this art a day went!
Learning from all you talented artists and sharing art has been amazing! I can't wait for next year. I will keep doing art and posting it everday, If you want to follow me my regular art blog is here.

After a lovely (though wet) week spent in Oregon, I'm glad to be back in warm Texan weather.
Sure, Portland has incredible art, coffee houses, nature.. *Trying not to cry*.
But was Oregon a comfy 75 degrees today like Texas..?
I've got to grab onto whatever I can, I miss Oregon and Washington horribly. I did spend my life living in the two! Anyways, with such lovely weather art was sort of, how to say it.. second? I did manage to work on the floaty-cloths around the figure, but nobody would realize it except me.
Ah well, I saw a blue sky and seized it.
Carpe-diem or whatever that guy said standing on the table!

Stay Artsy & DFTBA

Sarah Bosserman

"Last Post for January"

Thought I would post something I've done that I'm fairly partial to, my "Light Through Orange Slices."  And if you click the pic, you'll be magically whisked to one of my Flickr sets where there are other pieces I am particularly fond of. 

Thanks to Bobi and Laura G for their creation.  For the most part, for me, it has been a fun month doing Art-A-Day.  I've enjoyed the back and forth with friends, and I've enjoyed meeting new people.  Some of the art is Outstanding!!  And, I think I will continue to post here as time moves on, just for the fun of it.

Don't forget to 'click the pic,' if you have the time and inclination.

Part of this week's project...

JUST got this today: a Swanstrom disc cutter, and a couple of pattern plates suitable for my rolling mill. Here's the first results. I like 'em, and I didn't even tighten the mill enough. Another major benefit: the disc cutter is so precise that the amount of grinding is going to be minimal. My hands will love me. Oh yeah, the quarter is provided for scale. The cutter has ten sizes of punches. This one's the largest.

January 31st

Today is the last day of the paint a day January project. My personal goal was to produce six finished paintings by the end of this month. I worked really hard, and put in a lot of hours in every day, and completed ten paintings: four 12x12's, two 24x36, two 18x36, and two 36x48.
I photographed these this morning.
Next month's personal goal is to paint watercolor landscapes.

"Pawsed" For A Pose

Monday, January 30, 2012

Art-a-day show, no show

Btw, there is no plan for a show this year. If anyone feels inclined to make one happen, feel free!

working in layers

My first mixed media project on 15 x 20 watercolor paper using watercolors, acrylics, stencils, stamps, markers, oil pastels, inktense watercolor pencils, a bic whiteout pen and whatever else came to hand.

Wanted to color block it but the blue ... oh the blue .... really BAD idea and normally I would have trashed it, but I'm working on keeping going, working through mistakes or things I don't like, so....

Added some black and white to bring out details and am pleasantly surprised.  Detail shots:

Lovin' all those layers and textures!

Although I didn't post something every day this month, I did work on something creative every day.  Once again this place proved invaluable in getting me jump started for the year after the holiday lull.  It's such a positive, supportive group - I really appreciate all the time folks took to leave comments and encouragement.  Here's to a productive, creative 2012 for all of us!

Hogwarts Drawing

Only a few seconds until midnight in Texas!!
Here's a drawing of Howarts!
Stay Artsy & DFTBA
Sarah Bosserman

a simple doodle, colorized, manipulated

a wild and crazy doodle, original
Wild & crazy doodle, colored & textured in PS
It seems only fitting to end the last few days of the month with doodles, since that's how it began. So here's a wild and crazy doodle for a wild and crazy day full of numbers, errant receipts, and a wasteland that was once a memory which can't seem to remember from one year to the next how to do a simple excise tax form. Whew, glad that's over, and I'm a day early.

The image was sketched with ball point pen on a lined tablet. (I've got enough art supplies, and still I reach for whatever's closest.) I colorized and manipulated the doodle in Photoshop, and then added texture with the crosshatch filter.

2 Finished Paintings

Well Art-A-Day coming to a close (but seriously everyone, should just keep arting and creating) I have enjoyed seeing all the art, the sketches, the Valentines stuff, the jewelry the digital art, the whales.. Etc. It's been great, you are all gifted.
    Well I didn't get a lot done, but as of tonight these two main pieces are finished for the most part, a few small things. I got distracted Saturday after buying a smart phone (of which I am not smart enough to use, hence I accidentally called someone Sunday night while at Famous Daves. Didn't even know I made a call till 20 hours later.. LOL sorry Bobi... )  Anyway, tonight, Monday I have two finished paintings.  The square one is "Dreamcatcher 5"  24 x24  Acrylic, the other is "Space Cave 5" (unless someone has better title) it is 24 x 30 Acrylic. We will see what I get done on Tuesday :))  I added the bridge and the whole bottom part, I got so involved I forgot to stop and photograph. :)  Then added some ivy and more planets in the Dreamcatcher. Of which the Bright orange one in front of the window will be toned down a tad.

BookArt , BA-BR

 Pieces for an upcoming BookArt show in March - my BA-BR series. Four pieces (3 completed) utilizing 95% of Book 2, BA - BR of a 1968 Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia set. 
The last piece will be "Do-it", (words from a portion of the cover) a small, chunky book with the It's fun to repair a broken book,  article from the book, resized to fit its new format.

Left to Right:
*Bookend, sculpture, the bottom 1" of Book 2
*A Home Without Books...   approx 14 x 4 x 9"
*Popular, a composite of page parts from Book 2, gives a glimpse of the text and the era.

Detail of A Home Without Books...

Etched around the base reads, "A Home Without Books Is Like A House Without Windows"
I'm getting a bit freaked about what I don't have done for the show.  If you're local, please check out the show - March, Allied Arts Gallery. Bookart is an exquisite art form, the most intimate and engaging I've experienced. There's no easy way to explain the form, it's best experienced.  Our BookArt group will acts as docents throughout the show to discuss and make available the books to hold and experience.

This week's project

I'm being ambitious. Workin' on a piece that isn't jewelry, per se. More like a picture, sorta. So far in making adjustments on the metal bits, I've gone through four saw blades. Good thing I buy 'em by the gross.

I'm kicking myself in the butt--I spent two hours painstakingly cutting about 2mm off the bottom of something I wanted to use in this project and then realized I had a whole page of notes I wrote last night about how to avoid spending all the time I had just spent doing all that sawing (and breaking four saw blades).

So, I'm determined to finish this project tonight, and I still have to go to class and then the gym. Late night, I guess.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another "Wing" Study, and a new medium

My friend and fellow artist, Christine Blevins, has mentioned the fun she's been having recently with alcohol inks. If you get an opportunity, please do check out her lovely Valentine Art Cards that will be on display at the DS Watkins Studio for next week's Art Walk. And check out this very fun medium. If you love brilliant colors, this is the medium for you.

Today while perusing the many offerings at Craft Warehouse, I happened into the alcohol ink aisle and down the rabbit hole I went. With so many pending projects that need attention, I can scarce afford to point myself in another direction.... but with it's similarity to watercolor, I gave it the green light. After a short while, my day's dilly-dally moment became another expressive piece in my newest "Wings" series. These seemingly disjointed pieces will somehow come together into a wonderful expression of all things winged. 

How to do it? You need a slick surface paper, like Yupo (I used drafting acetate). Water doesn't work too well with the inks, so keep them pretty much away. I did a lot of dripping from the fine tipped bottles of ink and watched mesmerized as the blobs took on a life of their own--mixing with other colors and pushing them out of the way. I used a brush too on the edges and a paper towel for blending. Also a Sharpie and extremely fine tipped archival marker was used to create some stippling and edges. I'm sure there are more advanced techniques, like spraying or using other mediums for resists, etc. Will have to discover more next time.

Brilliant alcohol inks, in a "wing" format

Big Enough?

With each concept sketch my whale seems to grow larger. I quite like this one, it 's the first to show the compleate smile.  Tomorrow I'll work on the painting of the sleeping girl, but tonight this will do!

Stay Artsy & DFTBA ( Don't Forget To Be Awesome)
Sarah Bosserman

Busy week, computer issues, minor injuries

I have been busy this last week but computer issues and a minor injury to my left hand have kept me from posting. The injury occurred at the storage unit where I was trying to get to some art supplies that got buried on the bottom and at the back of the storage space. I managed to cut myself across the top of my knuckle and so needed a brace to keep my finger from bending and opening the wound, hence the emery board brace.

However, I was able to create 2 more bowls, both smaller than the first, and attempt a drawing of my cell phone before hurting myself. I also had time to fill a page of fun doodles and, last night, while feeling no pain I drew the source of my painlessness. :)

"Sketching for a Valentine"

"Wanna Play Some Hearts?"


"Fishin' for a Heart"

"Mo' Sketchin'"

This group of ladies came in, sat down, got organized, got their coffee, pulled out their Kindles, or whatever, and started discussing the latest read.  I thought about eavesdropping on the conversation for no other reason that to catch the title of the book; but I was groovin' on my ear pods and decided it didn't really matter. 

Book Club/Koffee Klatchers

 Found this exquisite ballet dancer in "Art of the West" magazine, jan/feb 2011/2012, issue, page 54.  She was created by Andre Kohn and I couldn't resist transferring her over into my sketchbook.  Had quite a bit of trouble with that right foot, but I swear on a stack of art mags that's the way ol' Andre had it positioned.  I should of changed it. Next time.     

"la Petite Danseuse" oil 19"x9"