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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Preview of coming attractions (Art-a-Day 2014)

In the spirit of daily posting ... here is a short post from the recent past to get you in the spirit for the upcoming challenge.

Happy Holidays everyone.

-Laura Gable

If you keep
a green bough
in your heart,
the singing bird
will come.

-Chinese Proverb

"Nested Home" a little 6x6 oil painted a few years back,
©Laura Gable

Sunday, December 22, 2013

On your mark...

Get set...

10 days until Art-a-Day 

Year 6!  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February 2nd - Thank you - Butterflies

Possibly a life altering month for me.  I was already prolific, now I'm just mental about creating. Here's one I don't think is finished, but it has been so fun working on a big one I wanted to share. This is four feet by three feet, not as big as unkonwn's recent one, but I don't have as big a truck as he does either. Thanks again  Bobi.  How can I help make sure we have a show, perhaps March artwalk? - Ed

Friday, February 1, 2013


It's always such a treat to join in on this, especially in January when personal expectations are high!  I'm afraid I lost steam about half way through but I was always thinking about doing art everyday and that's huge.  It becomes a habit and the habit becomes a talent and hopefully, some day, you become an expert and there is great joy in being so darn good at something!

Thanks so much Bobbie for spear heading this and encouraging us all to join in - it's a great event!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thank you, everyone, for taking part in Art-a-Day 2013!  

It is always a treat to see what work, comments and experiences are shared.   I hope you had fun, perhaps had a break-through moment or discovered a new awareness that informs your work from here on. Feel free to keep posting and see you next January!~

Obviously the art-a-dayness didn't 
happen for me this year.  It's good to 
be reminded that just because we set 
aside time doesn't mean it's necessarily 
the right time. Living and re-learning! 
Hello again. Did another painting yesterday. This one of a farm road in Walla Walla during the sun set. I'll have Shepat post it after I look at it judgmentally and adjust. The tempera and acrylic is working well on masonite. How meditative making small paintings is. Hunting around town trying to find my painting of Satchmo isn't meditative and then I found it at K&S Boutique. Delivered to WSU yesterday. Peace. Pat

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30th - Goddess

I took the sketch and put a version on canvas. 18" x 24"  I hesitated, to post it but I haven't painted much since Boston and there are only today and tomorrow left in the month.  So here she is. - Ed 

A Different Wavelength

Greetings. Well first off I would like to thank you all for the wonderful art you all have been posting. Some really fun stuff. Lots of talent. It's been great. The Paintings, the Drawings, the Weaving, Fractals, Digital Painting... etc. it's been great art and I loved it. :))  
      This is my final post for the ArtADay January 2013. It's been fun, although I haven't been painting everyday and posting even less, maybe some sort of focus thing. Anyway, for those of you who might know me in real life, might see me as one who is on a different wavelength than most people around me, and not always for the best.. :)  so I have this piece call "A Different Wavelength" Acrylic on 18 x 24 canvas. Not quite finished might have some small details, but in great shape for a final posting..
Greg Ashby

sharehouse Coffee, Richland WA, Lapoynte

New coffee shop in town.

Monday, January 28, 2013

"Moon over Tacos"

After our last Urban Sketching outing (at Nancy's) I spotted this strip mall Fiesta Mexican Restaurant on road 68.  After driving through a couple of parking lots looking for a good spot to sit in the warmth of my vehicle, I found the best one right across the street leading into it.  It wasn't really quite this dark, but you know, it's art, right?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I think I have skirted around this idea before but painting is meditative. I did these two to get my mind off of stuff that just isn't going to go away. They are about 5"X7"ish and I spent about 1/2 hr on each and now everything else seems less important. The content doesn't matter except they spoke to me so I replicated them and the process of replication is the thing. The ojects are artifacts which record the process. The pictures simply become the records of events. Also I listened to Puccini's Un bel di vedremo while painting these. If you don't know that, Google it, it is stunning! You do not need to understand the words (I sure don't)to know that this woman is hurting. The context becomes the content in this aria just as it does in visual art. Hey! That sounds like one of my lectures to the inmates. No wonder I am boring. If you read this far thanks. Pat

"Valentine's Day Candy & Messages"

Thanks to Nancy for the inspiration for something "Valetine's Day." 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ashby tiny Purple Fishes Jan 26

Well this piece I am calling done. It's called "Tiny Purple Fishes".
It's a little weird. It's a line from a song by Cream called Tales of Brave Ulysses. Lots of weird psychedelic lines, but one always sticks out in my mind...  "Tiny Purples Fishes Run Laughing Through Your Fingers..."  So having that line on my mind for 35 years I painted it :)))
It is 16 x 20 Acrylic.
Greg Ashby

Friday, January 25, 2013

Did another little painting on masonite cut to fit a frame I got from Brooke at U&I for the sale of a painting. She traded me several little frames and it is so fun to do a small painting. It is sort of like meditating. You can't be thinking of anything else when painting and with the goings on in NYC, Indiana and other state's schools it is hard to not be thinking of that. Michael Cardew, an Eton phylosophy graduate, would said "They are killing creativity so they can measure it's corps." I think he was talking about IB though. I quit being an IB examiner last August so I guess I can say that stuff now. Pat Fleming

Blue Man

Squiggles and faces

Playing on my sketch pad while having morning coffee. Make some squiggles and then find a face in it.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

January 25th - Kamelia

It will be midnight soon here in Massachusettes and since I'll be on planes all day tomorrow, I'm posting this for tomorrow.

January 24th - Smokey

I did this before but wanted to try again.  _ Ed

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Accidental Collage

Good to see you all keeping things lively.  Certainly not doing my part this year.  C'est le vie. Maybe I'll do mine in March.  :)

Here's a freak software glitch.  Have no idea how it happened.  Perhaps having too many windows and too many graphics open and taxing this little computer's brain?
This is the original

Here's what showed up

January 23rd - Emma

Here is one I stayed up way too late last night and finished tonight. It was 12 degrees at seven tonight here in balmy Mass. - Ed

Here is the Ray painting so far. It is in powdered tempera with acrylic additive. I suppose one should experiment on a smaller scale and if I had thought of that I would have. God invented gesso for instances such as this. I think it is about 2/3 done but we'll see. I got cases of brown paint along with the 22 cases of tempera from the auction. How odd that seems to me, to have schools purchase brown paint. Think of all the educational advantages to learning how to mix brown and grey or even the secondaries. Once at Kamiakin we mixed buff clay with linseed oil when we ran out of paint. It never really dried. I understand that some of the Paints use vegetable oil. We should try that next. I have used brown tempera w/water as an underglaze on pots since tempera is clay based. It works pretty well but my clay is brown too so it doesn't show very well. Isn't my wife genius to put the pic on for me? Pat

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Dream", and color manipulation

"Dream" original 12x12 on cradled masonite.

"Dream" with vibrancy digitally altered

"Dream" color inversion of the version above.
I wanted to see how much I could manipulate the color of an existing painting in photoshop. It does create for some interesting variations. First one is the original, the second two are the variations. The second one was a variation of the vibrance, the third started as an inversion of the color of the one above it, and texturizing the image. I'm enjoying these. Would be fun to paint them backwards this way.

Felicia Follum Art+ on YouTube

This is my first YouTube video.  I talk a little about my art and my background in art as well as graphic design

Please subscribe to my channel and share your YouTube projects as well.


Thanks for watching!!!

You can learn more about me on my blog or Facebook.

January 21st - Quiltish

This is a culmination of every time I have too much paint left over I used it on this nice piece of gesso'd paper Laura gave me.  It makes me happy.  What a wonderful way to keep from wasting quite so much paint since I can't seem to put a reasonable amount out, even when I know I only need a little.  It's three thirty in the morning here in Boston and I have a meeting at 8.  OMG - Ed

Monday, January 21, 2013

Tagaris Winery Sketchcrawl

Another one from sketchcrawl. This is Tagaris Winery Restaurant and the two cheifs are getting ready for lunch.

January 20th - Abstract

I was inspired by the art in Sterling's to do this one.  It was just for fun and it was.  Leaving for Boston in the morning and I'm ready.  I packed Acrylic paints, masonite boards, water color paper, water colors and colored pencils. Should be fun to see if I actually use any of the supplies in the hotel room after a full day of work. - Ed

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I will be visiting Granville Market tomorrow, can't wait! It's the real Mr. Roger's neighbourhood!
Slowly but Patti   ; )

Hello. Just words today. I am rebuilding the fence for the second pasture. I didn't like the last design. Am painting Ray Charlse with powdered tempera and acrylic thin set additive. I started using 1/2 water and 1/2 acrylic and I will spray the entire painting with the air gun later, assuning I like it. Trimmed some pots today. I might discard two of them too. Fired a glaze load. We have a new really liquid glaze and it rejuvinates some of the 2nds that were sitting on the shelf. Let's hope. Have you seen the site Uncanny Art? Cool! Pics when my wife gets to it. Thanks. Pat

Trail to the Beach (WIP)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

HAKE Crime

Uh Oh   I committed a "HAKE CRIME". was cleaning brush, pulled too hard and then it all came out LOL

More on Hands

Well here is the Hands thing again... added water and some fish under the water


January 19 - Sketch Crawl

Big turnout at the very fun international sketcu crawl this morning.   I really appreciate that Jim B. is so passionate about this fun activity.  Thanks Jim.  Top sketch is the bar in Tagaris and the bottom sketch is Sterrling's restaurant looking out the window toward the Richland Wal Mart.  The person in the bottom sketch is supposed to be Greg Ashby.

"Jean" and "Yichen" Urban Sketchers

I drew two friends, Jean and Yichen at this morning’s sketch crawl drawing. I drew Yichen thinking, ( who is this guy on the hot sauce bottle?).

Sterlings Restaurant, Richland WA, Lapoynte

Out for the latest Sketch Crawl at Sterling’s Restaurant, Richland WA

mixed media piece

I've been working on this piece and think it's almost done......

Titled Solitude, it's acrylic paint, collage, ink on a 36x16 canvas.  My first effort at something so large....

Friday, January 18, 2013

JANUARY 18 - Cards

I started with a bag of candy hearts and have been doing a bit of drawing to figure out how to best portray the darn little sugary things.  After I had a bunch of them, I chose my favorites and printed them on cards!  I'm thinking of maybe taking them to a few little places around town to see if they'd want to sell them for millions (at least).

Rainbow Cast In Stone

Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 17 - Pots second lesson

Tonights class was mostly spent hand forming the bowl in the back.  Then I realized I really wanted to use the wheel again so in about 45 minutes I was able to produce the two pots on either end.

January 16 - Deb

Forward Motion

I like the "whatever" painting that Michael did the other day, so thought I would travel a bit down that road too. This was also inspired by a John Salminen video I watched recently. He took 4 arbitrary objects and did overlapping contour drawings of them, then pulled shapes out of these intersecting lines. He colored them with a hierarchy based on value: white, black, and mid-tones. The largest shape was white, and the others were supporting. Mine isn't quite as dynamic as his, but his required an amazing amount of thought. So even these seemingly freeform compositions can use the ole noodle. A good mental exercise as well.

"Forward Motion" 12x12 oil pastel and oil paint on board, ©Laura Gable
(follow my personal blog:

"The Spokesman Review Building in Spokane"

The Spokesman Review building in Spokane, sketched from a photograph I took of it back a couple of years ago. My wife was in the hospital there, she's fine now, so early one morning about 7am, I drove downtown, parked, and started walking around. At that time I was not so enamored with sketching, but instead with photography. I had recently purchased a Nikon SLR, so the camera and I had a great time that morning taking pictures with very few people, or cars, in them.  The images are all parked in my flickr account.

This image was done as a proposal for a commissioned piece the Northwest Inland Dental Association wanted me to do for one of their publications.   

Yokes, Road 68 Cafe, Pasco WA

My final Drawing of Yokes

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ashby - Wavelength Day 16

Well here is another I have been working on for past few days. First of course dark sky, then followed by paint spattering with a tooth brush. Then of course the wavelengths and the earth, then just today since I had the afternoon off, put in the earth brighter wavelengths, and the bottom wavelength. Couldn't get the bottom wavelength bright enough so  Ta Da  used Flourescent paint, REAL bright now. Some may not know where I am going with this one, but I do ...
Greg Ashby

Ashby - Beginning of freaky painting

I started this a couple of days ago, just a few background layers. Then tonight put the hands in. Looks basic now But I do have a plan. IF successful this will be a really wild piece.
Greg Ashby