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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I will be visiting Granville Market tomorrow, can't wait! It's the real Mr. Roger's neighbourhood!
Slowly but Patti   ; )


Unknown said...

Where is Granville? My Mother-in-Law is from Granville North Dakota. It is a Mr. Roger's town too. The cats go "meow meow meow." That is almost as cool as us posting at exactly the same time. Pat AKA Unknown

patti said...

Granville Island,under the bridge, in Vancouver, B.C., my original home.
I will be visiting...Paper Ya, Barbara Hellar's Tapestry Studio, glass blowers, Opus art supplies,
broom makers, glass blowers, printers, just to name a few.
Granville must be the name for the best of places!

Unknown said...

Broom makers? Do they make brooms? Yes Granville is a good name for a grand villa. It would be idealic to have grown up there with Opie and Andy. Pat

Laura Gable said...

very lovely unchels on your hombre tapestry Patti. Keep up the great work.

Bobi Wilson said...

unchels, huh? what a great way to combine your learnings! I'd love to feel this. Looks almost silken.