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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 21st - Quiltish

This is a culmination of every time I have too much paint left over I used it on this nice piece of gesso'd paper Laura gave me.  It makes me happy.  What a wonderful way to keep from wasting quite so much paint since I can't seem to put a reasonable amount out, even when I know I only need a little.  It's three thirty in the morning here in Boston and I have a meeting at 8.  OMG - Ed


Pat Fleming said...

You see Ed. That is why you are a real artist. You are more concerned about painting than saving paint. I worry when learners sqeeze out too little paint because they are more worried about conserving material instead of generosity or spirit. Generosity is what it is about, everything else is prolog. Also you work until 3:30 AM. Pat

Laura Gable said...

Well said, unknown Pat-he.

Ed I'm glad you are using the gessoed watercolor paper. Do you like it? Very good efforts. You have the "art-fever" working at 3a.m.

Unknown said...

Fun comments. Thanks but it isn't a fever, its a sickness. Makes geting up at five for work real tough too. I like the gesso paper a lot. - Ed