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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Here is the Ray painting so far. It is in powdered tempera with acrylic additive. I suppose one should experiment on a smaller scale and if I had thought of that I would have. God invented gesso for instances such as this. I think it is about 2/3 done but we'll see. I got cases of brown paint along with the 22 cases of tempera from the auction. How odd that seems to me, to have schools purchase brown paint. Think of all the educational advantages to learning how to mix brown and grey or even the secondaries. Once at Kamiakin we mixed buff clay with linseed oil when we ran out of paint. It never really dried. I understand that some of the Paints use vegetable oil. We should try that next. I have used brown tempera w/water as an underglaze on pots since tempera is clay based. It works pretty well but my clay is brown too so it doesn't show very well. Isn't my wife genius to put the pic on for me? Pat

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Bobi Wilson said...

Pat, you crack me up. Fun to see the painting come together, get a bit of a tutorial on paint and get to see the studio behind. Looks very tidy!