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7th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2015!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Norwegian Farmhouse

I finally finished the pencil sketch of the farmhouse my daughter-in-law's ancesters owned.  I had an old photo to work from.  It was extremely difficult for me maybe because I hadn't done pencil sketches from real houses for years.  There are lots of erasures and it's still not in the correct proportions but this is it.  I hope she likes it!
Hello. Here are some pics from this month. Two of them are of Kennewick Avenue and another one is from a photo of me trimming one of our fillies back in the day. I was thinking that the fair is closer than it appears. These are all done with acrylic and tempera with acrylic additive. I think I will do more horse pics. Thanks. Pat
Its been very busy in this studio.  My photos of 3 large paintings did not turn out so I will post 2 of the smaller ones that are ok.

Artist Trust - ***Tonight*** - Richland.

Today at 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Pre-presentation reception from 5:00-5:30pm!
Washington State University, CIC Building, Richland, WA

Looking to give your arts career a boost? In this one-hour presentation, Artist Trust At Large speaker and artist Davin Diaz gives you the scoop on how Artist Trust can help. You’ll learn how Artist Trust serves Washington State Artists of all disciplines and how you can use these programs and resources to advance your arts business.



Copper Jigsaw Clasps

These will be drilled and riveted to the front of cards and act as the lock or clasp.
(sandwiched with a copper or brass Csheet on the back) 

The colors are coming through more garish than they really are.
First the heart shape is cut from sheet copper and sanded.
Then I draw the jigsaw lines and saw out the connection.
Filing off burrs and rough spots followed by sanding.
Sanding with 1200 grit.
Not so much to refine the finish but to make edges comfortable to the touch
Before and after heat treating.
used my phone to take a video of the heat-treating process but the file is too large to transfer. Bummer.
  I heat the pieces with a torch to red hot then immediately drop into boiling water.
It makes a wonderful roiling noisy fuss then settles down.
Colors can range from warm yellows  -to orange - to red - to deep red - to nearly purple
depending on the temperature when it hits the water.
It then receives several coats of wax and buffing.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Paintings 01_11_15

Hi.... I finally got onto this site,  it kept telling me to do something about the cookies, the house hold systems manager (my husband)  fixed it.  I have been painting every day ( as I always do),  
 with the encaustics, since Jan 1.    I've been working with 3 wood artist and 1 potter interested in adding encaustic to their art, What fun. Jane, the racu potter from Naches, gave me this racu piece and some chips from the firing.  Jerry Johnson gave me a bowl he created and left the edge  so I could add some encaustic art work, so it is now 12 days into Jan., and I will post some of the art

 work I've done.      Inspiration from Jane's racu pottery.

Jerry's wood bowl, trying to think of encaustic design.

Jane's pottery, my three encaustic paintings with chips from the racu, and Jerry's wood bowl embellished with embedded chips in the encaustic paint.

This has been quite a project Jim, Jerry, John and Jane were here last Wednesday, we worked all day with wax medium.  It  was a great day.  Just finished the bowl today.


Gail Roadhouse
full time artist
finally completed -
Sunrise Serenade-"Goldfinches"
Washington State Bird
11x14 acrylic collage
rice paper and sheet music
on canvas.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Collage on Hawaii

I continue to work on various projects and finally finished a collage I made for my son's birthday since he was brave enough to take me to Hawaii!  I used a pre-stretched 8x10 canvas and acrylic paint plus ephemera including sea glass he and my grandson found for me on the beach.  I also used a flower from the lei.

Gail Roadhouse

Gail Roadhouse
full time artist

This is the 4 hours of designing a 11x14
acrylic collage painting of our Washington
State bird "The Goldfinch."
First step is to draw the two birds on card

Second step-- is what color palette would
be pleasing for the viewer. I chose blue and
yellow with hints of a green forest.
Third step--draw the birds on rice paper in
pencil and then go over with sharpie.  Very
carefully because rice paper is very fragile.
paint the back side of the birds in white acrylic.

Fourth step---paint the canvas and collage with
shredded music.  Once it is dry apply the rice
paper drawing with acrylic polymer.
Stand back and look over the painting and check
for the direction you eyes move around the
Happy Painting Everyone
(*****incidentally I have not found out how to post my comments...)
I will keep trying.
But I want you all to know I love your blogs and your artwork
Bobbi is metal hard to work with?  And Pat once again
love your pottery blogs and days in the life of Patrick Flemming..

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Progress by Pat

Hello. It is Saturday evening. I think the painting, taken from a photograph, of me trimming our fillie's hooves, back when we had fillies, is doneish. The county fair will be here before we know it. I always take several days to look over and adjust paintings. Cyberart509 hung art at Grill on Gage today and then Ed and I stopped by a coffee shop to give them a sample of a 16oz coffee mug. They might want some to serve customers in. There are few things I enjoy more than making a bunch of matching pots. Went to AAA today and they put out my decorative pots that I turned in too late for the January re-do on the 5th. That felt good. Oops-blew 2 mugs up in the bisque kiln today. Mike brought over his bust of JFK and since there was room I put some wet mugs in and didn't notice that the switch was on high, not low. Oops! Poo poo happens I guess but it is always disappointing. At least the clay was reclaimed. I am glad I was down there to hear the blow instead of upstairs. That might have cost us the sculpture. The latest Kennewick Avenue pic is ready to spray with glossy stuff. I am using Behr white paint from Home Depot and it seems to be a pretty good paint. We just found the gallon of it while getting ready to sell the house. Thanks. Pat Fleming

Feeling a Bit Excited

No I am not painting yet, but for $20.00 at Lowes I purchased some white backed masonite board and for free they did 10 cuts.  I had them do all the long cuts plus some 12x12's.  Brought the rest home to have my hubby make the small cuts.  Now I have a years supply of plein boards to paint my heart out.  For me if I have what I consider "practice" surfaces to paint on, I feel freer to experiment and go for it, and not worry about what I might be wasting.
12x12    9x12  8x10  6x6  background pieces are my re-do's 

I have not counted how many of each, but I am planning on a series of pears with the  6x6's to experiment with different colored backgrounds to learn about how atmosphere affects an object.  I know such beginner stuff ;)  Shout out to Laura Gables and Melanie Thompson who recommend Kevin McPherson's books!  Learning something new is always and exciting adventure for me.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Calling it Good

I'm claiming designing and teaching a yoga class (which went great and much fun!), cleaning, shopping and rearranging the house for sleeping spaces and making a few tests with making beeswax candles as my 'art' for recent days.  A bit of a stretch but that's creative too.  :)
Getting to the studio - or not - is part of the process.  Greatly appreciating this January kick-start and filling my soul with your work and your posts.  Thank you!

Here's an image from years back.  Miniature collage Autumn Leaves.  Measures about 3" tall.  One of my favs and delights me that it is in the care and appreciation of Laura Gable.

Bad Starts :/

Well it has been a busy month and not as much time as I had hoped for painting.  I have run outside to paint on the few sunny days we have had.  I have not been happy with most ALL of my plein air studies.  So I am rebooting here with some do overs.  It is funny how sanding down an unsuccessful piece almost bring back a view of what you were going for.  So I have two pieces to fiddle with and most a re-do :)

I have to say I have enjoyed seeing everyones work, their successes and their struggles too.  Makes me feel like I am not alone on this journey =)

"Water's Edge"

Here is the finished painting that I fiddled with a couple days ago (mentioned in this earlier post).

Alas, it looks to be a new painting with not much recall of the original study. But I am happy with it. These lovely ponds are tucked in the Amon Basin off Leslie Road. I hiked in a short distance to find this viewpoint. Not much was happening this day, until 2 bicyclists came zooming past and startled me. For the most part it was just me and the water and the ducks and the sage and the rabbit brush and the trees. A lovely soliloquy for a winter's day. Perhaps I will return there again soon to see what nature provides. Softer colors I'm sure.

"Water's Edge" in it's final revision. 9x12 oil on board, ©Laura Gable

From Pat Fleming

Hello again. I see that the colors on the painting of Kennewick Ave didn't transfer to electronic medium very well but I changed them anyway. Also painted out the pedestrian. This painting got posted on Paint On too. If you are a painter and not on Paint On check it out. It is an international venue hosted by Thomas Weswik who also hosted Plein Air Painters. I fired some of the bowls yesterday and pulled some handles and added logos to some others. I started another painting. It is one of those where every thing seems to go right. The drawing was impeccable I couldn't mix the wrong colors and it was really cool until I backed off and looked from afar. The composition was such that it looked like it was flowing off the panel. I struggled mightily with a redraw but finally gave up and started over. The new drawing is troubling, the colors don't work but the composition is OK. It never ends-I think that why we do this. The Reach has an open house this coming Friday from 5:30 to 7:30. There will be a panel discussion on the travails of being an artist in this area. Thanks. Pat Fleming

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Class for Little People

Gail Roadhouse
full time artist

 Saturday January 31
Kids Snow People class
1-3pm  cost $25.00
kids 7-14
register online
or at gallery
at Allied Arts / the Gallery at the Park
supplies - acrylic paint included

There is a little room left if you know
some little people that want to paint with me.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scroll Project, Killing a Field Study, and Graphics Work

Today I finished a 7" section on the remainder of my scroll, completing 21 total scroll "entries". A large sheet of Velin Arches will hold me over till the watercolor roll arrives. (I found an inexpensive Canson roll on Ebay. It's quite long, so this scroll project may continue for awhile.) Will post progress soon.

The studio beckoned and so I went in and massacred another painting. Reworking a field painting isn't the best of ideas. (somebody stop me!!) But often there's something just not quite right about it, so "tweaking" is in order. Today's painting was the 3rd revision. Maybe it looked better to begin with…. sheesh.
"Water's Edge" 9x11 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
This is revision 2 …I will post todays debacle here once I get it photographed. 
I'm designing this year's Artwalk Bookmark, and today I completed the proof. If I get these ordered quickly, perhaps we can have them by the next Art Walk on the 5th. Thanks to Cindy Rutherford for the front panel artwork. The artists featured on the back are: Anastasio Pena, Melanie Thompson (both at You & I Framing), DS Watkins (at DS Watkins Studio), Susan Schmieman (of Weave Your 'Art Out), and a portrait of my dad (at my Laura Gable Studio). 
2015 Artwalk Bookmarks, front (©Cindy Rutherford artwork image)
2015 Artwalk Bookmarks, back   ©images are the copyright of the artists:
(Anastasio Pena, Melanie Thompson, DS Watkins, Susan Schmieman, Laura Gable)

Evidence of Process

Cutting out hearts that will evolve into narrative Valentine cards.  Sanding...filing...sanding...filing...burnishing...filing...repeat.


Hello. Here is a pic of some soup bowls for My Place Beggar's Banquet. Also a picture of a painting of Kennewick Avenue looking West. I use Behr white paint on this one and mostly tempera powder mixed with industrial acrylic additive. While downsizing our collective holdings we stumbled across a gallon of Behr white. It is nice paint. Cityscapes are the new thing for me. Thanks Pat Fleming


Gail Roadhouse
full time artist
Urban Sketchers met this morning at the Franklin County Museum to sketch and remove our Pasco sketches that were on display there for a month.  It is such a cozy quite historical place you must go and see all the history left behind.
I went down stairs and sketched an old clock?? no idea of how old and some dresses in a closed case.
M.GRAHAM watercolors 
 on arches 140#
drawn in sharpie (pencil first)