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7th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2015!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Between BookArts and Urban Sketching

96 hours of weaving time, since January done,  I have completed weaving the Sunrise Christmas Morning from Schweitzer Mountain tapestry.  Plus, Agent Carter is shaping up into a fun tapestry!
Allied Arts Month of May Show:  Book Arts of the Tri-Cities
Cheese Louise:  Urban Sketchers Tri-Cities
Art Before and After Work!  lol
Patti Kirch

Monday, April 13, 2015

Allied Arts Gallery May 2015, Visually Speaking: Creatively Read

Announcing, Allied Arts Gallery in Richland, Washington  the May 2015 Show:

Here's a fine selection of your visual treat below. The book artists have their own blog. Check it out at

                                                Visually Speaking: Creatively Read 

Vicki Gerton's wood sculptured books
"A Gathering of the Obsolete Generation"

Barb Sherrill's fabric sculpted multi medium books

Felicia Follum's recycled multi medium concertina

Kriss Botino's "French Fries" book

Saturday, January 31, 2015

What a Pleasure. Thank you.

It is such a pleasure to share this space with you. Thank you for your generous spirits, creative magnificence and willingness to play and to encourage.

There are no rules on this being a January only thing...Feel free to continue writing, posting images, sharing. I'm thinking I might this time.

Much love and appreciation to you all!

"Aunt Dorothy"

Today I worked hard to finish off the art-a-day challenge with this Assemblage.  A close friend had an aunt who traveled all over the world with a man she wasn't married to (scandal!) and lived a very exciting life.  She was also an amateur writer.  Here's to you Dorothy!

Red lips, Red hat vinyl block prints

Red lips, Red Hat, agent carter inner artist tapestry, 10" x10"

Fun experiments with supplies, first with red/orange ink and then water colors.

Just water colors

Yes, lots of vinyl block prints!  Next, crazy fun colors!  Thank you Bobi for the Art a Day  January Challenge!
Patti Kirch


Gail Roadhouse

full time artist
I have been a very busy artist all weekend. Last night I enjoyed being on the panel at THE REACH with Patrick , Michael, and Judith.  Our artwork was selected to show at the site for 6 months and they had a reception for the opening.

here is a photo-
Then today I had 9 little artists to teach SNOW PEOPLE in acrylic at Allied Arts Gallery / The Gallery at the Park Richland WA.
They were very creative and eager to paint.  See for yourself.

What I Am Learning

As I am having a hard time with seeing the reflected colors of light outside in plein air, I decided to do a little study I found in Kevin MacPherson's book Paintings with Light & Color. I used a box and changed the color around the pear  with construction paper.  Here are my results.
 These are on little 6x8 panels

 I am hoping I can apply this to the  great out doors.  I should probably do a few more but my pear was getting too ripe and changing color ;)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Year end goal, to be accepted into a juried show

This 16" x 48" at 10epi (ends per inch), tapestry is woven vertically, but the scene is sideways.  So view this taco style!
Each bobbin bundle has six strands of color. Gobelin and Aubusson Tapestry methods are woven with discontinuous
 weft (horizontal).  Therefore shapes are built up like individual bricks, one on top of the other, not all the way across.  

For the month of January, I wove 32 hours, only 96 hours to complete the weaving!  I moved the bobbins out of the way for this picture.

The pink cone in the back most resembles the full ounce that all of these cones initially were wound with.  The greens, black, brown are on the right side of the tapestry loom. Tapestry Nerd,  Patti Kirch

Homage to Maxine

This is an assemblage I started last fall and finished up gluing down today.  It is in memory of my aunt who spent most of her adult life in the Topeka State Hospital.  She was a sweet and gentle woman and I loved her very much.  Hanging down is a scroll I wrote on what I know about her life and my memories.

Valentine Cards

Cards are coming along.
Each is unique, contains at least one copper heart and it's own story. ie, "Totally Bound to You," You, Me and the River" etc.
The 'card' is made from vintage photo album pages and the envelopes from old player piano scrolls.
18 or so prepped thus far.

The Olympic Mountain Range, WA State Ferry, Bald Eagle and ….

Can you spot the seven hidden dancers? They are not the focal point so you might miss them if you don't look closely. I finished the painting on 01/28 and have already started the first layers of paint for my next one. It won't get finished in time for the Art-A-Day, but I will keep doing art each day all the same.

It was fun. Everyone did such cool things. There is a lot of talent out there. Thank you for inviting me and thanks to all who shared.

Please "like" my page on Facebook. I am trying to get my work out there and that is not an easy thing to do.

Susan E Wheeler - SEW

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vintage Auto Collage

I finished another vintage collage placed on an old dictionary cover, including an old key, old card game pictures and a photo from my grandmothers album of her and my mother.  I used walnut ink to distress the edges.  The red area is part of the spine.

Subbing, Cleaning and Soup Bowls

Hello. Got called out today to substitute for Keith Duncan at Kamiakin in Honors Chemistry. Honors Chemistry, did you catch that? Subbing is so random. Unloaded the kiln when I got home and trimmed some soup bowls. My wife spent the day cleaning my work space. Did you catch that too? Wife, cleaning studio!!!! It is a good thing she is genius or it could have turned out poorly. It really looks good. Got some more pics but will post two them tomorrow. Gotta spend time in front of TV with wife and dogs-not in that order.

Scrolling Along

This ole scroll project has continued for almost a month. Some day are proving interesting, like yesterday's collage and colored pencil piece shown here. I'm finding I get a sense of "accomplishment" and "completion" with each day's effort. My days fill with this added thread of creativity… in addition to my other paintings. Delightful!! It's like doing "morning pages" (from the Artists' Way) but with color and glue, rather than unbridled words.

So for the others that are doing, or contemplating a project like this ... I'll be curious to hear your feedback. I think it easily could be done in a book format as well.
"Day 27", collage with colored pencil on scroll. I added prose onto the faces. I like having words represented in these.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Norwegian Farmhouse

I finally finished the pencil sketch of the farmhouse my daughter-in-law's ancesters owned.  I had an old photo to work from.  It was extremely difficult for me maybe because I hadn't done pencil sketches from real houses for years.  There are lots of erasures and it's still not in the correct proportions but this is it.  I hope she likes it!

Fleming's progress

Hello. Here are some pics from this month. Two of them are of Kennewick Avenue and another one is from a photo of me trimming one of our fillies back in the day. I was thinking that the fair is closer than it appears. These are all done with acrylic and tempera with acrylic additive. I think I will do more horse pics. Thanks. Pat

Kathryn Kaye 1/27/15

Its been very busy in this studio.  My photos of 3 large paintings did not turn out so I will post 2 of the smaller ones that are ok.

Artist Trust - ***Tonight*** - Richland.

Today at 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Pre-presentation reception from 5:00-5:30pm!
Washington State University, CIC Building, Richland, WA

Looking to give your arts career a boost? In this one-hour presentation, Artist Trust At Large speaker and artist Davin Diaz gives you the scoop on how Artist Trust can help. You’ll learn how Artist Trust serves Washington State Artists of all disciplines and how you can use these programs and resources to advance your arts business.



Copper Jigsaw Clasps

These will be drilled and riveted to the front of cards and act as the lock or clasp.
(sandwiched with a copper or brass Csheet on the back) 

The colors are coming through more garish than they really are.
First the heart shape is cut from sheet copper and sanded.
Then I draw the jigsaw lines and saw out the connection.
Filing off burrs and rough spots followed by sanding.
Sanding with 1200 grit.
Not so much to refine the finish but to make edges comfortable to the touch
Before and after heat treating.
used my phone to take a video of the heat-treating process but the file is too large to transfer. Bummer.
  I heat the pieces with a torch to red hot then immediately drop into boiling water.
It makes a wonderful roiling noisy fuss then settles down.
Colors can range from warm yellows  -to orange - to red - to deep red - to nearly purple
depending on the temperature when it hits the water.
It then receives several coats of wax and buffing.