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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Dominoes and Doodles

I added an image to my Jan 17th post.  The original doodle that turned into Floodwaters brooch.

Yesterday was the first day in my studio since the weather turned cold.  Good to be in the studio and I LOVE working with the old dominoes for making jewelry!  These aren't complete - just dinking around with ideas.  

The far left is a man brooch. I plan to embed the heart halfway down into the ebony and create a 'rail' so the silver piece can slide up and down about a 1/2".  Right now its in the down position as if the "armor" is protecting his nethers or it can slide up partially covering and protecting the heart.  Seems ripe with symbolism.  
I'm pretty intimidated about creating the rails but will figure something out.

The pink stained one in the center failed in that the black ink bled somewhat through the porous bone. I've been wanting to try silver inlay so might give that a go on the fleur de lis(ish) part.  

The square on the right is very rough yet.  The ebony surrounds a cast-off from years ago -a cash register key cap filled with fresh water pearls w/a zirconium crystal embedded on the top.  I absolutely love the diverse twists and turns these dominoes take.

I got out to the studio again today but pretty much stared at and  touched things.  Simply could not engage.   ho hum 

I came across this doodle while looking for the earlier Floodwaters one.  Always thought it'd be a sweet little piece to make.

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Kathryn said...

Hi, I love this site, no pressure and always love your work, I'm getting better at learning to use the computer. Thanks