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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Tapestry Loom, dressed in Winter White

Tapestry Loom, dressed in winter white!

Partially dressed Tapestry Loom, waiting for it's first half pass of the Cherry Blossoms/Enso design.
Sett at 8 ends per inch and woven with ALV Norwegian wool and USA milled wools.

11"w x 14"h woven
Weaving tapestry is Zen like, a daily ritual that cannot be rushed.

Patti Kirch


Bobi Wilson said...

I honestly have an ache - or maybe it's wistfulness when I see a loom readying or in process. There is a longing, maybe from past-life, to sit quietly, meditatively, attentively weaving at a loom. I've done small beading on a loom. I owned the sweetest little loom for 20 years waiting to learn how to string it and make sweet things.
But that ship has sailed, I think. Mostly likely, anyway. Plenty of other interests, callings and meditative endeavors so I'm not bereft.
Just a little wistful. :)

patti said...

My weaving roots skipped a generation, I physically reconnected with them in Podbiel, Slovakia autumn 2015. This month at gallery in the park, Richland, you may catch me weaving tapestry, a little demo.
Tapestry is soooo addictive!