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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Water Color Sketching

 5x7 Water color sketch on Fabriano ex white 140 lb.
 Jan 1st
Sketched from a photo of a stained glass section @ Sainte-Chapelle
5x7 Water color sketch & ink on Fabriano ex white 140 lb.
Jan 2nd
Sketched from a photo taken at The Gorge White House cutting garden 

I have been desperate to pick up my brushes and do something, anything since Thanksgiving.  I believe I have cooked the last meal for the holiday season last night! Phew!  Now that family and friends have retreated for the moment I am back in my studio but with just enough creative energy to play with little bits of color on little bits of paper.  I am glad even this meager display of unction was a result of my resolve encouraged and supported by this page and this yearly activity that may or may not keep me going every day but definitely gets my butt in gear again for the new year.  I have lots of paintings to complete from a summer of plein air attempts.  So most likely that will be my first main focus.  For now though I will get my creative spirit re- lit by playing with water and color. 


patti said...

Cindy, I could not tell that your water colour paintings were 5"x 7", they would look great any size!
Whichever stage your art is in, I'm looking forward to seeing your January goals progress. You are so inspiring!

Bobi Wilson said...

These "bits of color on little bits of paper..." are lovely!! They make my heart and eyes glad to gaze upon. So looking forward to more!