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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 30, 2012

BookArt , BA-BR

 Pieces for an upcoming BookArt show in March - my BA-BR series. Four pieces (3 completed) utilizing 95% of Book 2, BA - BR of a 1968 Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia set. 
The last piece will be "Do-it", (words from a portion of the cover) a small, chunky book with the It's fun to repair a broken book,  article from the book, resized to fit its new format.

Left to Right:
*Bookend, sculpture, the bottom 1" of Book 2
*A Home Without Books...   approx 14 x 4 x 9"
*Popular, a composite of page parts from Book 2, gives a glimpse of the text and the era.

Detail of A Home Without Books...

Etched around the base reads, "A Home Without Books Is Like A House Without Windows"
I'm getting a bit freaked about what I don't have done for the show.  If you're local, please check out the show - March, Allied Arts Gallery. Bookart is an exquisite art form, the most intimate and engaging I've experienced. There's no easy way to explain the form, it's best experienced.  Our BookArt group will acts as docents throughout the show to discuss and make available the books to hold and experience.


Laura Gable said...

drum roll! wow! you have done a fabulous job here, Bobi. Have you considered submitting it to the Bone Folder? It looks like something I'd read about there.

I am feeling the same way with the "freak-out" aspect of what has to be completed. But, I'm assured it will get done, and will be just the right expression too.

Terrie said...

Like wow man! I absolutely love what you've done here and wish I could see them in person....maybe a trip over in March is in order (weather permitting). The 'home without books' is just amazing!

Lapoynte said...

Like Wow Man is right! Even the close up photo of this is cool!

Bobi Wilson said...

Thanks everyone for your generous comments.
Teri - by March the pass is milktoast. Come! We have a guest room!
Laura, Bonefolder..., nifty idea..., thanks.

Jim Bumgarner said...

Really cool, Bobi. I'll definitely be over to check these out.