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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Water Decanter at Kennewick Coffee Company"

As previously stated, today was the "34th World Wide Sketchcrawl," a day where artists from all over the world gather together to record the places, events, people and things of the world, then share them online. 

Because the weather was so miserable last night with freezing rain falling, we decided to cancel our scheduled outing.  Then, as Murphy's Law would predict, we had a warm wind that took most of the danger off that layer of ice by noon.  That's when LaPoynte called me and said he was at the Food Court in the mall: a destination we had originally outlined for 1-3 this afternoon.

I drove down to meet and after a nice Italian sandwich, created by the staff at Bruchi's, Dave and I decided to drive downtown Kennewick to look for greater levels of inspiration.

This water decanter sits just inside the window at the Kennewick Coffee Company where, along side a 16oz. vanilla latte, I decided it was going to be mine to capture.  We had a good time while there, talking to Ron Weed, a man who has been to Oaxaca, and back.

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Bobi Wilson said...

Glad you guys got out today. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!