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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Speaking of Book Art

This is something I did some time back.  The book was an old text of some kind, unimportant, and the image on the left is of a guy named BB Burritt.  Can't remember what he was known for, something important and world changing I'm sure.  And if you recognize the guy on the right, well, that's good; and if you don't,'s the best I could do at the time.


Laura Gable said...

Nice and Very illustrative ... makes me think of the etchings they used to have the the shopping bags in Barnes and Noble. As far as book art, you'll have to come by the Allied Arts Gallery for the show in March to see the wide interpretation of the title "the book as art" ... it will be a very intriguing group display, I'm sure.

G.H.M. said...

I love the visual of graphic over text.The possibility of enhancing both in such a way stirs my creative juices. "ART" on! G.H.M @

Bobi Wilson said...

I like the look as well though, now that I noticed it, can thinking of nothing but "...tender feelings,and sexual satisfaction..." on Burritt's forehead.

Jim Bumgarner said...

lol...don't read too much into it, Bobi.