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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wing Study

wing study, watercolor


The morning was filled with brilliant light, hearkening to an impending Spring-time. The warm temperatures made me wistful for the coming months. I felt like a young calf wanting to kick up it's heels after being penned inside the barn for the entire winter.

It seemed like a fitting time to play a bit with watercolor on hot-press. A lighter weight paper, with a bit more vellum cotton in feel, proved a playful surface to begin my series of wing themed artwork. I see that I need to study the actual forms a bit more in order to make this believable and not just an abstract shape. My super fine tip pen added some light stippling off the edges, and a white china marker was used on the surface of the lovely Prussian blue areas, to add the feather-like dimensions.


Lapoynte said...

Very cool stuff Laura. This study is a painting by its self and believable.

Terrie said...

A beautiful experiment - what a great theme to embark on.

Dan Kent said...

Very creative - love the varied use of the watercolor - you know your medium! The last two details are wonderful even on their own! Almost abstract. They make me think of Georgia O'Keefe and her close up paintings of parts of things.

Laura gable said...

Thank you all. There is a bit of tentativeness in posting the first in a series ... It's like being published before you really have any idea what you're talking about. I've been empowered by this comfortable group to post the preliminary, not quite ready for prime time pieces, and suspect it's something we can all relate to--this bit of shyness no matter how many paintings or other finished pieces have come before. I find this refreshing in other artist's works, and love observing the dipping of a toe into a new direction or expression.

Ah to be compared to O'Keefe ... My heart sings. She is a fabulous muse. Thank you immensely.