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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A snowy day, Warm up paintings, Tweeking

The nest is taking form here in my home studio, at least I have uncovered the paint tubes so I can paint with fresh color. I'm standing at the drafting table, with reflected light off snow easing it's way in through the north facing windows (at least it was yesterday ... didn't get this posted then). Darn it, but the colors are way too intense on the orange mandarin and the greens. I chose not to paint the red wall behind it, and today I realized that's why my colors were so intense there. We continue to learn when we aren't even near the brushes. ;-)  Anyway I stylized the images in Photoshop because I liked Michael Rastovich's postings so much...this is an attempt towards that level of effortlessness: "Olive and Mandarin, after Rastovich"

Some sort of green "olive-ish" form, stylized with "paint daubs" setting in Photoshop

Screaming orange mandarin "Look at Me!" stylized with "paint daubs" setting in Photoshop

1 comment:

Terrie said...

Fun playing - I see the resemblance to Michael's work.