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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Divergent Path

My sketch crawl paintings didn't get done because a sick headache took over my life yesterday. I did take some photos, so hope to get those sketched or painted soon.

This is a very strange painting from a few days ago, and I really have no idea what compelled me to paint it. I was thinking about this kid who used to sit behind me in 1st grade, he was missing an eye. Whenever the teacher would leave the room he would pull on my shirt sleeve until I would turn around and then he'd open his eye socket up wide so I would look into it. Kind of a creepy kid, wouldn't you say? I don't know why I kept letting him get away with this behavior, or why the teacher wouldn't move me to another spot. Today I've thought of all sorts of things I would say (or scream) to him about how it just wasn't appropriate. Yes it's a bit of a different painting for me, but this is a group I trust this sort of stuff with, so there you go. I've always thought art was a healing tool, so perhaps this is healing some little part of me that was left in the past.
creepy eye socket


Bobi Wilson said...

Divergent perhaps in the way you view it though very Laura in color, flow and mood. I feel I could fall into that space and face my history or find the Universe.

Laura Gable said...

eloquent, Bobi. thank you.

Jim Bumgarner said...

why do those big old brown cow eyes come to mind? the ones we used to have to dissect in vertebrate zoology. i never enjoyed that part. eyes - the sheer magic of their existence and mystery of their physiology - beyond my mental capacity to fully grasp.

Greg Ashby said...

I love it. As an eye socket or maybe a hurricane or storm on Jupiter. Doesn't matter, but the colors are great.

Laura Gable said...

Storm on jupiter... love it.

We didn't dissect cow eyes, might have been interesting... had to do fetal pigs instead. One kid cut a bit of skin off each side of the tail and pinned it on the bulletin board. It resembled an elephant trunk and ears, which I thought was very clever.