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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My latest work by Pat Fleming

Hello. This is weird. I think I will give up on the ballerina. I started her on the rough side of a piece of masonite but think since the 70's are over that I should have used the smooth side. I started a painting of Fredrick Douglass, a personal hero of mine, but I screwed that up too. Zero for 2, not bad. One pic is of a tea pot that I am working on. Since the weather is the way it is and I don't heat my studio, the construction is slow and that is OK for clay. The slower the better. I am working on some sinks for a nursery in Fresno Ca. and these are the first 2 attempts. The other pic was of some squish bottom mugs and bowls I bisqued yesterday.


Bobi Wilson said...

Good lord, I can scarcely imagine the amount of work gone in to constructing the teapot!
Love the wheat design in the sink. How is that done?

Jim Bumgarner said...

you're a lucky man. not everyone has such pots, some not even a pot to .... well, you know. great work, pat.

pat said...

The design in the sink was from washing over the basin with white slip then insicing through to let the base clay show through. The clay is from Othello so it fires dark brown. Clear glaze will go over all the inside. It's odd that clear glaze seems to be difficult to get now. One of the glaze chemicals has changed yet again and it goes milky.