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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Research and Rabbit Holes

I'm working with and in love with this 1968 Popular Mechanic Encyclopedia (PME) set.  What a fabulous bit of work, history, usefulness and plenty of what would now be potential personal injury and class action suits waiting to happen. Plus bringing up old woulds of being a girl with shop-class inclinations at a time when it wasn't available for girls.
Looking for the "right" image in the "right" location for a bookart idea (in the PME) hasn't come yet but led me a merry chase online learning hand signals for scuba divers and research into William Morris designs.
In book 16, VA-ZO -There is a Weed Killers article introducing new chemicals and hope for "embattled homeowners and farmers" followed by (for you over 40 or 50 crowd,) a Euell Gibbons Wild Foods article.   Love the juxtaposition. That sent me online to see if any of those herbicides and pesticides have since been banned.  I still don't know.  What I learned was too depressing to continue.
Thank goodness there is a wonderful William Morris rabbit hole to get lost in...

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Jim Bumgarner said...

hand signals for scuba divers, is a class everyone should have to take, right before that old standard, underwater basket weaving. the loss of student life due to drowning in those underwater basket weaving classes was horrendous. speak of juxtapositioning.