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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

"34th World Wide Sketchcrawl Held in the TriCities"

Jan's sketch, "Global Warming." Click the pic to see the images. 

The "509 Urban Sketchers & Painters" (click) were pretty much skunked by the weather for the World Wide Sketchcrawl this last Saturday.  Turns out we had freezing rain the night before and decided to cancel the outing.  Then we decided while home on Saturday to sketch whatever we wanted while at home. 

Then, as luck and Murphy's Law will predict, much of the ice was melted off the roads by 10am.  Dave called Jim and they met at the Food Mart at the Mall to see if anything of the day could be salvaged. 

The "World Wide Sketchcrawl" (click) orginated a few years ago in San Francisco and has gone globally viral. Click the link to see a listing of cities and places throughout the world who participate.

We first participated, as a TriCity group, one year ago today, on Jan 22, 2010, and we thought it was a great success.  The WWSk is held every four months, and we plan on keeping on keep on with it.

Join us sometime!!


Bobi Wilson said...

I checked out some of the other "results" pages. This is such a cool thing.
btw - even Zurich didn't look as cold.

Jim Bumgarner said...

Thanks for your comment, Bobi. I think it is too, a "cool thing."

Laura Gable said...

Once the sun came out, and the larger chunks of snow fell off the roof, and the roads cleared ... I figured at least a few of you would be out and about for this great world-wide event. Very nice job everyone, esp Jan with your nice painted sketches.

Jan Watson said...

Thanks Laura! I did like the results of the "Global Warming" one. Not real happy with the view east, but not sure what to do to tweak, so just leave as is and go on to the next.

Laura Gable said...

Jan it was heartwarming to see you in a sunny window with your little paint set. You look so at peace doing what fills your heart. Sounds like you had fun too.

Jan Watson said...

Painting is great therapy for me! I get so caught up with the process that time and problems fly by!I just need to stay disciplined. I love this Art-a-Day! It makes me keep my eyes open to the next days challenge.