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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

So excited to get to the studio tomorrow to tidy up and get ready for another Art-a-Day journey!  Wahoo!

Below is my most recent work, Lower Columbia Basin Shrub-Steppe.  I started research/development on it  Nov. 2011 and completed the entire edition just before Christmas this year.  Tomorrow will be putting the materials away and organizing files and finances - then on to new things!

Lower Columbia Basin
Shrub Steppe

Limited edition of 50.  Size: 4" x 3" x 1.75"
A Northwestern view of local mountain range (etched copper, through the windows) with geological, environmental and ecological information hand-scribed and drawn as though it's a naturalist's field guide.

The solidity of basalt, the certainty of the mountains, the steadfastness of the Columbia River and the magnitude of events that created them belie the fragile nature of the 
Lower Columbia Shrub-Steppe region
The flora, fauna and creatures expressed on fragile paper represent only some of the local species considered Endangered, Threatened, of Concern or Watched.  As easy as a simple snipping of thread these species can be gone and with them much of the rarity, beauty and integrity of this place we call home.
 Each book is signed, numbered and then etched and hiding behind a "trap door" on the back.
It's difficult to capture. Begs to be held.


lapoynte said...

Wowzer! That must make you feel good about the new year!

Terrie Purkey said...

I can say from experience, the book is a stunner! What an accomplishment for you! Looking forward to this year's artistic challenges - thanks for starting me down this path.....

Bobi Wilson said...

Thanks Terrie! I'm so glad you're here and very exciting to share your journey!
Yes, Dave - excited for new somethings...

patti said...

Fantastic Bobi!
I did the 10 days of Christmas thing...
10 entries in Gallery at the Park
4 needle-felted humming birds my daughter (Nicole)made
3 hand woven baskets
2 tapestries
1 felted doll and coptic bound book that Nicole and I constructed together.

a woman who is said...

Not sure how to jump in here and join? Laura Gable sent me an invited. I think this WILL be a challenge, but I would love to give it a go.

Do you have some instructions?

Bobi Wilson said...

Dear a woman...
Yay and welcome! Send your email address to me at, (translate @ for the AT) and watch for an invite from the blog.

Bobi Wilson said...

...and read the information down the left hand column of the blog.
Looking forward to sharing!