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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ugly Fish?

Hello fellow artists and art enthusiasts!

My name is Felicia Follum and this is my first post for Art-a-Day, though I have been following the blog since March. I am an emerging artist and will be graduating from the University of Wyoming in May.  My artwork tends to focus on social issues.  My most recent body of work deals with African American religious culture and my next body will be dealing with human trafficking.

To see more about me and my artwork check out my blog, website, or Facebook page.  But for now I would like to share one of the watercolor studies I painted a couple days ago. This painting was supposed to be a study of cloth using my dad’s old fish tie. I ended up drawing the fish instead of the waded fabric at the other end.  I really enjoy the colors in this painting...

My mom hated the fish tie and gave it to me in high school.  I kept it and entered it in  an ugly tie contest at Alexander's, a jewelry shop.  It won enough for a free pearl necklace. 


geetlee said...

The colors are great, i agree too :)
thanks for stopping by my blog.

Gwen said...

He is a fish and as good looking as some fish ever get. Nice work:)


Felicia Follum said...

Thanks! :) I was pretty happy with it but I did redo the assignment and hand the other one in :)