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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Laura G (day 12-13)

This little painting is still in progress. I started it last year, but stalled out. My student noted that it looked like he was wearing "britches". Sort of a Peter Rabbit look rather than the "serious" bunny I'm after.  So today involved a bit of research to find the right stance and expression. Hopefully I can get that adjusted tomorrow....and get my brushes back in the paint.

Yesterday was a day of art-sharing with my book artist's friends. We shared stories of "sacred spaces" and what that means to us. Quite a lovely conversation. I came away with such a fullness and peace. Spent an hour or so on a bench by the river just studying the horizontal and vertical lines cast by poplars and the ripples from a passing boat. (Can you just barely make that out in the iPhone photo I snapped). I discovered that this Art-a-day blog is more about "being" an artist and the way that feels inside, than it is about merely "doing" art.

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BobiWilson said...

There is a noble-ness about the rabbit. Like the character, Hazel, of Watership Downs.

Here, here to your "...about "being" an artist and the way that feels inside,". And I might add, how it informs day to day life.

thank you