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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Laura G (day 9to11)

Some more sketching on this second weekend of the new year. I am missing the scratchbord because it is fun to cart around and work with quickly. (Best follow Rastovich's advice and get it ordered). I realize how much I miss drawing. This scary doodle showed up last evening. 
Also have been working on a logo. I will show it to you soon.
Here's some progress on painting that I sketched out in my last post. I'll get it finished up soon. Just a bit of refinement and "shadow patrol" is necessary. How is everyone else's progress progressing?


Laura G said...

Not sure if these images are too big. Note that some of you have much smaller images. Don't mean to "hog" the blog. This is a great motivator to think of art all the time. Thanks again, Bobi Jean for spurring us on.

ds watkins said...

wow Laura, I really like the composition of the grape piece. Grapes in the foreground and is that rattlesnake mtn in the background? This is really cool to see the color added.