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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

How goes it for you?

I'm past a weird pall that came over me for a day and a half and feeling myself once again. Whew!

Fun day in the studio absolutely abandoning anything going on before and trying the new. Since more pictures of my in-process desk would be tedious I'll just wait to post whatever evolves later. Yesterday, with the warmer weather I was able to fling the winter curtains aside and let some light in and work in the larger studio space. Thank goodness! I'm not much of a mole. Today the cold brought the curtains back down but I'm solarly charged for a while.

I've heard from some (who have yet to post here, *poke, poke*) simply the idea of art a day and attempting it as best they might has bvrought images, ideas and fun back into their work. Very cool. Another friend was inspired to join a take a picture a day for a year online challenge.


Pat said...

Life is good. Saw Doug Gast's show. I have heard that some of the work was not hung maybe due to content. I hope that's not right. I get more info later. His show was provocative and I enjoyed having a show here with a broader scope. I sometimes get tired of the regional art scene, you know, the one I am engulfed in. tanks I must go and have my broken tooth fixed now.

ds watkins said...

I was feeling the same weirdness Wednesday. No art worked on with a sense of relief which garnered much staring and thinking of the half completed piece sitting on my desk top. By yesterday what had started out as a book of woven bristles as pages morphed itself into a book of woven bristles for covers, of a pamphlet of some poems I have written over the years. Who knows, perhaps there are two books presenting themselves here now that I think about it.