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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, February 7, 2011

"My Wife ala Modigliani"

It looks so empty here in the Art-A-Day blog that I decided to drop in and post my latest.

Truth be known, this image took on the look of my wife almost accidentally.

But when I showed it to her, she said, "Is that me?" And that's exactly what I wanted to know when she saw it - if she saw herself in it like I did. Cool.

So, I have been thinking more and more about doing some contemporary images done in Modigliani's style, and if you read this blog, you know that.

I've actually done a few. This one is my favorite though because of how it turned out. Ok, accidental or not, I like it, alot!!

8x10 acrylic paper (terrible stuff, too), acrylics


Anonymous said...

There are no accidents only subconscious desires coming through. Aren't you glad it didn't look like Angie Dickenson. Explain to the youthful who Angie Dickenson is. Pat Anon.

Anonymous said...

Hello again. If I knew how this thing works I would not be bothering you. I am glad to see Wayne Yamamoto and Fred Fraser in the pictures. Thanks Pat-Anon

Terrie said...

I like it - simple and dramatic and a happy accident that your wife showed up in it!