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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Astronauts and Artist's Block

Working with kids is an incredible cure for artists block.
They see the world differently, so many of the filters we see through haven't come over them yet. When we draw a flower we draw it the way the world and nature expects it to be. When little kids draw a flower its exaggerated, bright and the way they want it to be, regardless of the fact that purple roses, or daisies the size of elephants don't exist! They inspire me everyday to be a better artist and to remove those awful filters of how the world has trained me to draw.
Today while teaching one of the last classes I was especially hit by their creativity, and two ideas came to me for future paintings.

This first one is of a castle heavily layered with towers and turrets.I would keep the perspective flat and work up the texture instead.
This other one (bottom) is a bit difficult to see, but It's of a Kraken (sea monster) holding up a sailing ship and peering curiously at the tiny men aboard. That big black circle is the serpents eye.

Tonight I went to Columbia Basin Collage to watch a documentary called The Wonder of It All, and it was about the first three men who walked on the moon. I bet you're thinking "hasn't this subject been covered already?" Well, it has but not from this angel. While other documentaries fixate on the mission and technical side, this movie was focused on the emotional experience of going through training, selection, flight and finally the landing. I enjoyed it thoroughly and I was especially glad that the director was there to answer questions and sign posters. As it turns out one of the astronauts, Alan Bean is now an accomplished artist and while Jeffrey Roth (The director) was making his movie he made a side documentary about Alan's paintings. How incredible is that? An artist and an astronaut! I quickly grabbed one of the free copies and had it signed by Jeffrey. I can't wait to watch and learn Alan's technique!
Who knew?
Astronauts and artists in one day!

Stay Artsy
~Sarah Bosserman


Greg Ashby said...

Alan Bean, I have seen some of his paintngs, Great artist. I love you diverse interest in everything. Keep "Arting" (see? I coined a phrase)

Sarah Bug said...

Thnaks! He is a great artist, the only one to leave our planet and land somewhere else :)