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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jan 5 - #5: Inland Northwest Dental and my Spokane Sketch

I received a note from Sherri Lynch, Continuing Ed Director for the Spokane District Dental Society, where she made the following comment, "I love your work! I'd love to use one of your pieces on the cover of our 2013 Inland Northwest Dental Conference programs."  Nice. 

The image, which has been languishing in my flickr files for a couple of years, popped up on her google search for images of Spokane.  The reason is because I tagged it in my flickr account with, among other things, "spokane."  It has been chosen for the conference programs and they have commissioned me to do another for the program cover. 
I have had a winery in California, a poetry magazine from somewhere on the east coast, and Costco, all do the same thing.  The poetry mag published a drawing of mine and Costco published, in their employee mag, a drawing in Costco of people enjoying food in their eating area.     



Bobi Wilson said...

Very cool, Jim!

Bobi Wilson said...

er, ... but where is your work for today? :0)

Nancy said...

I guess it pays to not only be a good sketcher but a good sketcher with great exposure! FUN!