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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hello. I took 3 pics of new work but the one of the 10th street orchard turned out blurry. It must have been a faulty camera. The girl I painted last night on the commercial 12"X12" canvas that Shepat got me for Chistmas. The girl's image is from a magazine and is a Christian praying in China. The other one is from Burbank and I just framed it today. I also bought 3 1/3 yards of canvas today for the 5' X 3' painting of Ray Charlse I am planning. I bought muslin yesterday and then realized I meant to buy linen. Fabric is so confusing! It's all good since paint will stick to either one but chose not to gamble with wrinkles so stretched canvas this afternoon. I have an all cotton bed sheet that will be used later too. Only gessoed the top of the canvas and will turn it over tomorrow and gesso the bottom. I plan on doing large stuff again but they are so hard to store and transport. What a good problem to have; being challenged to transport your art. Did some pots too. Pat Fleming AKA UNKNOWN PS. It is fun being unknown just like the ancient Chinese, Japanese and Korean potters. I think in a previous life I was a Korean potter. I'll bet they wouldn't think being unknown is somehow romantic though. Most of the Chinese potters were really Korean slaves and they made the Sung and Ming dynasty ceramics while the slave owner got the credit. It's like being a public school teacher in the US.


Ed David said...

I really like the river scene. Something about an S curve in a landscape always makes a good composition. I also like the use of the cool colors to make the far away stuff have a lot of depth. But what do I know. I've never had but one lesson and that was two hours with you! - Ed

Unknown said...

Yesss, essssessss are good, my
pressssscious! Unknown