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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I have found my Wabi Sabi!

What an amazing day in the studio! First let me tell you I am the paragon of patience, the queen of calm, the epitome of perseverance. Today absolutely everything had to be re-done, re-thought, de-constructed and re-constructed again and again and again. I’ve been at it for 9 hours --and having a gas! I alternately accomplished some of the most refined, delicate soldering of my life and then nearly melted the whole darn thing into a puddle numerous times.

I’ll get a picture of the piece here tomorrow after I run it through the tumbler.  It’s rife with imperfections and I absolutely love it.  AND I’m eager to go try some more, plan ahead, do it better, try other ideas and other approaches. This is unheard of for me."okay, that was fun. now what?"...

AND I found a way to make boxes relatively easily and relatively square.  I love them but up till now they have been a **tch to pull off.   Woot!

1 comment:

Laura G said...

is that like the stuff you dip california rolls in (haha)?
glad you found your creative center!!
love your work, even the digital apple.