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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Little Froggy in color

I worked on coloring , using watercolor. I like it so far. Still need to add some dimension to the colors I added. I have noticed small scratches on the background that is all black. I was going to leave it but now I'm working on designing backgroung that won't be too busy but will cover the scratches. I'm also playing with the idea of putting in a cloud of gnats rather than just one fly. Not sure have to sketch it out first.


Greg Ashby said...

I like the scratchboard technique. You and Laura, both. I did scratchboard in college, but I never thought to paint it.. might have to pick some up some day.

Laura G said...

Did you turn your camera when you took the photo? Why is it different this time? There's really no way that I know of to change the orientation once you have it in blogger. I think you would have to do that in your photo editing software (or software that came with your camera). I can fix it if you want.

Laura G said...

FYI to the group (we were able to fix the orientation on Jan's image so it reads horizontally as she intended).

BobiWilson said...

this is delightful and oh geez, a cloud of gnats would be way cool. Love to see how to pull that of!