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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Carving Out Time

Hello all, I followed Art a Day last year and was so impressed with everyone's creative endeavors that I just had to commit to it this year. I am like Jan and trying to figure out the whole blogging thing.

I teach jewelry design and metalsmithing in the mornings at New Horizons High School and am trying to get into my studio every afternoon to make something! Sometimes it is several hours, sometimes less but it feels so good to be there.

I just finished up three pairs of earrings and photographed them so I will see if I can post them. I am also working on a necklace of found objects from Hawaii that I found on my 20th wedding anniversary trip and somehow those little objects worn by the sea but still beautiful seem a worthy tribute to 20 years.

April Ottey


BobiWilson said...

Welcome April! You did it! You're here AND posting AND getting into the studio!
I look forward to the commemorative 20 year pieces.

Laura G said...

Your craftsmanship is stunning. Are you selling these? I'm so proud of you and our other new bloggers! Maybe at the end of the month we can all gather and verbalize the transformation art has played in each of our lives! yummy.

Lu Ann said...

Great work...I can see the craftsmanship!