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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 7 (laura gable)

Free Paint! You know, that's what the children want to do at the end of the classroom lesson, "can we FREE PAINT!!" Of course you let them use up the paints left over in their palettes, and so they go at it with abandon. That's when the real creativity comes forth. Themes start to emerge: flags, butterflies, flowers, puppies. But I find the really amazing creations are the swirls and sploches of paint that are formless, but fully expressive. To them it's just an experience of paint on a brush and what it can do as it comes in contact with the paper. As we mature, we learn to call this "non-representational art".

Tonight was a magical night in the studio. Several Artwalk visitors came in seeking the warm and festive atmosphere. The dulcimer group, "Fine Fretted Friends" were featured there: 2 dulcimers, a mandolin, irish flute and violin. Such amazingly ethereal, haunting, and soulful melodies filled the tiny space. Many mentioned how these songs just pierced their hearts—quietly finding a way inside. It was as though we recognized our connection to one another, the barriers between strangers melting away. We came together in adoration of the beauty of Irish folk songs and ballads (and of course, art). In the background I let the brush play with paint along the surface of a blank canvas...timid one moment, syncopated and bold the next. Free paint, led by the inspiration of music. It was a delightful night of expression for many.


BobiWilson said...

Thank you for sharing the magic!

Laura G said...

The next day I went in to refine the painting ... and am afraid it lost some of it's spontanaeity (a hard lesson to swallow). I will post it at a later date.