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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Feeling a Bit Excited

No I am not painting yet, but for $20.00 at Lowes I purchased some white backed masonite board and for free they did 10 cuts.  I had them do all the long cuts plus some 12x12's.  Brought the rest home to have my hubby make the small cuts.  Now I have a years supply of plein boards to paint my heart out.  For me if I have what I consider "practice" surfaces to paint on, I feel freer to experiment and go for it, and not worry about what I might be wasting.
12x12    9x12  8x10  6x6  background pieces are my re-do's 

I have not counted how many of each, but I am planning on a series of pears with the  6x6's to experiment with different colored backgrounds to learn about how atmosphere affects an object.  I know such beginner stuff ;)  Shout out to Laura Gables and Melanie Thompson who recommend Kevin McPherson's books!  Learning something new is always and exciting adventure for me.


patti said...

Cindy, how exciting! Enjoy your learning journey, this energy is catchy.

Laura Gable said...

Hi Cindy, good for you getting the boards cut. Great minds think alike. We are going to the store tomorrow to do the same. I worked up my "grid" of cuts last week...
Once its gessoed, The surface has a bit of "tooth" so good to grab the paint while you work :) is this the same board you'd used in the past?

a woman who is said...

Yes Laura! If you go at a slow time they are very nice about helping ;) I bought 2 of the smaller pieces. The very largest size was cheeper but looked a bit more wobbly, could be just because they were larger. I like the finished back on them too.

Bobi Wilson said...

These are very exciting-making!