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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Empty Bowls Feed the Hungry

Gail Roadhouse full time artist
This is the second day of Empty Bowls Feed the Hungry painting(24x30) to help raise awareness of hunger in the Tri Cities.  Allied Arts Gallery is hosting the event in February.  All proceeds will go to food bank and shelters in our area.  You can find more information on the gallery website 
Potters in our area are welcome to donate 10-20 bowls and when the bowls are purchased the $$$sale goes to feed the hungry and the customer gets a $20.00 card for a bowl of soup at a designated restaurant.
The first painting(on the left) is a quick 4 hour color sketch I used card stock to get the color and shapes placed.
Then I will add

some collage paper that will appear at the end of the process. It usually takes a month but this is getting along fast for some reason.


Laura Gable said...

This is a wonderful project that the gallery is putting on. I didn't understand it, but now I do. Thanks for sharing. Gail, what do you do with the color sketch once you've moved on to the canvas? It has a beautiful freshness. Do you work out color/composition with these sketches? Always delightful to see others' processes.

Annette Bouchey said...

I love your style of painting, it has a lot of rythum!

Bobi Wilson said...

Are these too fun, or what?!! What a wonderful project.