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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Scroll Project, Killing a Field Study, and Graphics Work

Today I finished a 7" section on the remainder of my scroll, completing 21 total scroll "entries". A large sheet of Velin Arches will hold me over till the watercolor roll arrives. (I found an inexpensive Canson roll on Ebay. It's quite long, so this scroll project may continue for awhile.) Will post progress soon.

The studio beckoned and so I went in and massacred another painting. Reworking a field painting isn't the best of ideas. (somebody stop me!!) But often there's something just not quite right about it, so "tweaking" is in order. Today's painting was the 3rd revision. Maybe it looked better to begin with…. sheesh.
"Water's Edge" 9x11 oil on board, ©Laura Gable
This is revision 2 …I will post todays debacle here once I get it photographed. 
I'm designing this year's Artwalk Bookmark, and today I completed the proof. If I get these ordered quickly, perhaps we can have them by the next Art Walk on the 5th. Thanks to Cindy Rutherford for the front panel artwork. The artists featured on the back are: Anastasio Pena, Melanie Thompson (both at You & I Framing), DS Watkins (at DS Watkins Studio), Susan Schmieman (of Weave Your 'Art Out), and a portrait of my dad (at my Laura Gable Studio). 
2015 Artwalk Bookmarks, front (©Cindy Rutherford artwork image)
2015 Artwalk Bookmarks, back   ©images are the copyright of the artists:
(Anastasio Pena, Melanie Thompson, DS Watkins, Susan Schmieman, Laura Gable)


patti said...

Laura, I love your scroll idea. I am taking that as a challenge with sketches of Amon Basin also, not the in depth colors like yours though. Your colors and work are beautiful. Always learning : ) patti

Annette Bouchey said...

I love the design and think this is the best one! It seems fresh and interesting. I love the portrait of your father and especially the angle.