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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Misty Winter Vista

We planned an outing out to the Horn Rapids area off Snively Road yesterday--the weather forecast promised a break in the clouds and warming trend. Even though I checked 3 different weather apps, they all proved incorrect. There was a low hanging fog about, and quite damp and chilly. But a couple of us plein-air types braved the cold anyway. Plus we had 2 others that aspired to be there, but were not able to attend for a variety of reasons. (My snow pants came in handy ;-)

The muted greys are quite beautiful out there on these overcast days. I have a new appreciation for our temperature inversions. In the sky near the horizon I could see orangish tints where Rattlesnake Mt softly emerged, and the subtleties of greyed color in the terrain was intriguing, where I found notes of hidden lavenders and muted greens. Nary a sound to be heard, save the occasional bird call and sporadic traffic sounds from the Vantage Highway. Pristine, serene, and sacred was the take-away this day.

"Misty Winter Vista" 10x10 oil on board, ©Laura Gable


a woman who is said...

Laura this is so pretty! Even though I heard you were jumping up and down at times to stay warm :)

Bobi Wilson said...

So lovely! And I so admire you all for getting 'out there'.