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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Raw - Bottle Caps

Heart Brooch #5.  Twenty three more to go.
I wanted to go more Raw this time so looked through my stash of found treasures and scraps. Bottle caps are one of my favorite finds on walks - but they have to be 'ripe' with enough patina and destruction to give them interest. I cut a heart from brass to hold them.
I'm not happy about the composition and might darken the brass to quiet things down-  but I continue to learn - and continue to improve and be pleased with my soldering skills.  Not sure why I still fuss and fret so much - except there is always a chance the whole thing can be ruined in a nano-second. There are 12 separate welds. Each time the heavier brass base must be brought to red hot without melting the finer components or previous welds. There is a general easing of breath and shoulders when the final bit is soldered and all is well.
You might need to zoom to see the front left bottle cap.., "MMM...My Favorite"
 (Brass, sterling, found objects)
Front                                                                                       Back

Components                                                                                      In process         


Laura Gable said...

These are fun Bobi. What is the heart made from? It's fun to see all your various expressions of "Heart"...

patti said...

Bobi, definitely fun! Miss Laura, I bet the hearts were made from charm, love and whimsy! Contagious message Bobi!! I recall, Bobi sold out of all that she made for DS's previous Valentine's show. Hot items for sure!!! February's First Thursday show in Downtown Kennewick will be "Sweet"!