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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Inspired by Joni Mitchell's Song

Inspired by Joni Mitchell's song:

Woodstock- Back to the Garden
This piece came from the gloom of January days.
Gail Roadhouse
full time artist
I drew the composition on rice paper in pencil then I went over it in sharpie.  When the design is finished  I watered down acrylic paint and fill in the images with color.  The background is 16x20 canvas with sheet music.  When the background is completed and dry I carefully glue the rice paper on with clear acrylic polymer to give it a very protected surface. If there are changes to be made I wait till the rice paper is dry. 


patti said...

Wow, you like to listen to Joni Mitchell too! Music does inspire art. I am intrigued by Joni's album and song Coyote, perhaps I will have to sneak one of those wild dogs in my Amon Basin scroll project.

Laura Gable said...

THis has a right, happy feel about it Gail. I like the soft music collaged in the background … and also the restful tones behind the butterflies. Nice job on the mums.

Annette Bouchey said...

That's just lovely and great design!