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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gail Roadhouse

Gail Roadhouse
full time artist

This is the 4 hours of designing a 11x14
acrylic collage painting of our Washington
State bird "The Goldfinch."
First step is to draw the two birds on card

Second step-- is what color palette would
be pleasing for the viewer. I chose blue and
yellow with hints of a green forest.
Third step--draw the birds on rice paper in
pencil and then go over with sharpie.  Very
carefully because rice paper is very fragile.
paint the back side of the birds in white acrylic.

Fourth step---paint the canvas and collage with
shredded music.  Once it is dry apply the rice
paper drawing with acrylic polymer.
Stand back and look over the painting and check
for the direction you eyes move around the
Happy Painting Everyone
(*****incidentally I have not found out how to post my comments...)
I will keep trying.
But I want you all to know I love your blogs and your artwork
Bobbi is metal hard to work with?  And Pat once again
love your pottery blogs and days in the life of Patrick Flemming..


Laura Gable said...

Gail, to make a comment, click the "No Comments:" under the post. Or if they've already been commented on, it may say "3 Comments:" … so click this and a little pop up window comes up. Very prominently it says Leave your comment and a big blank box underneath that. So type in the box, whatever it is you want to say. Then click the box below that that says "I'm not a robot" (this is to control spam). Once in a while another box comes up that asks you to enter the number sequence you see … which might be in the form of a house number, or other computer generated "captcha" characters. Just type it in, and enter. At the bottom your Google identity should be showing (unless you've logged out for some reason). Click the orange box at the bottom "Publish Your Comment" .

It's that easy!!

patti said...

As always Gail, wonderful, wonderful!

Bobi Wilson said...

Thanks for explaining that Laura. Gail, I sometime can't find the comments pop-up but then find it sitting behind other things open on the computer. You might check to see if it's buries.
Also - the "I'm not a robot" is optional - which makes it not very useful as a spam prevention. :(
I haven't figured out how to get rid of it. Perhaps Laura, the digital queen, can figure it out. :)

Working with metal is like any other art form -with a constant learning curve and lots of tools to acquire. :)

Bobi Wilson said...

I so very much appreciate learning of the process and all the various steps. The colors, the movement of the eye... So much to consider - so many steps. And that's after a bazillion already decided and yet to decide.
I love your vivid, lively colors and whole composition. Lovely!