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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Heart-a-Day February Advent-like Calendar

... filled with 28 (29) heart brooches to wear daily the month of February.  That's my plan, but clearly won't be completed by this February. No idea yet about constructing the "calendar".

 I am having so much fun!  So good to be back 'home' in the studio. 
Brooch number three completed today.  Will patina it tomorrow and post pictures.   


Bobi Wilson said...

Do you all know you can touch on the photos and get a larger view? Very nice to zoom in on the work.

a woman who is said...

Wow what an amazing under taking. It will be so great to see the results. Will these be for sale?

Unknown said...

they are really nice to look at on these very gray days...summer is around the corner right?

Bobi Wilson said...

Thanks! -woman who is. I'm thinking the "Calendar" will be a single collective work including all the brooches. Though I might make a limited edition of some pieces.

Bobi Wilson said...

Gail - I'm with you - bring on summer!