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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bowls for Charities

I have been making bowls for a couple of charities and the MAC. The ones with the handles are for My Friends Place's Beggar's Banquet in the Fall. The glazed ones were made in an attempt to be ahead of the time frame then we had a meeting and we all decided that it would be cool to have logos of My Friend Place's bowls so I sat on about 70 of the ones with out handles. But then AAA decided to have a Soup Bowls For Charity Drive and I guess the rest will go to consignments places. The AAA thing seems to have hit a snag and work around the house has curtailed my production for a while. Had some paintings too but the pic is on another camera so maybe later. Thanks. Pat


Unknown said...

Love the handles Pat. Looks like you are enjoying / making good use of having more room all to yourself. - Ed

Unknown said...

Pat I think the projects you are contributing to with your art is very commendable keep up the great works.

patti said...

Ed, did you say Love handles? lol Love those handles on the mugs as well!!

Bobi Wilson said...

You get more done in one day than most of us manage in a week. And to good causes too. You rock.