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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 19, 2015

"Still Learning" Woven Tapestry and ....spoiler alert!

Bosch Hood River Pear
This evening I finished weaving, block style, Bosch Hood River Pear. This will be a page in the book "Still Learning".

Three Hood River Apples
Three Hood River Apples, woven three different styles, will be another page. Shaped tapestry where the warps are part of the finished piece.

Agent Carter Vinyl block
Agent Carter Vinyl block not quite ready for printing and all thumbs and fingers accounted for! This is another preparation step before finalizing a design / cartoon for tapestry weaving. The State of the Union Address will be shown, not Agent Carter tonight.


Laura Gable said...

Patti these are very nice. And you seem to just "pop" them out, as they certainly appear to come naturally to you -- no learning curve required. I didn't realize you had to do a block print, but it does make sense that you need to see the pattern somehow on all the strings (warp). Can't wait to see her!

Bobi Wilson said...

Busy lady! You almost make it look easy. Excited to see the book and the completion of Agent Carter!

patti said...

The top two tapestries are only 3" wide, so they are portable and relatively quick. The vinyl block cut helps me get more familiar with the shapes, textures, values and colors that I will be working with weaving. Layering textures and colors ends as soon as one weaves a half pass over the already woven. Yes, Medieval indeed. So, I will "color in" all of the Agent Carter prints that I will hopefully get the courage to start. I can see where I potentially will need to continue carving into the face/forehead/nose part of the vinyl too. The more problem areas I solve before, the more fun I have during weaving the piece. Thank you art friends!