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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Monday, January 18, 2016

branching out

I was challenged to "branch out", try something new, be bold. So I did.....tried a couple things I've been meaning to work on for years - image transfer for one.

I created a background with an acrylic wash and stamps on a 90 lb paper. Printed out a photo of mine on a laser printer and went to work.

I covered the base paper with matte gel and rubbed out all the air bubbles from my photo (with a little tear).  It dried overnight.

The next day, wet the paper and rub and rub and voila....the image appears.  Why was I so intimidated by this again?

I like how the stamping can be seen through the transfered image - and the rough, rubbed away edges adds a vintage or aged feeling. I did a couple more - don't like the next one because I feel like all the detail in the dark area was lost - but it's all an experiment, right?  The other is a photo I took in Paris last fall and again, my fave part is seeing the stamps through the photo.

Also - a quick update....I shared my round robin journal page start earlier in the month. Here's the finished pages:


Kathryn said...

Nice, this process works great on encaustic also. Yes, my paintings are on canvupas.

Bobi Wilson said...

They came out great!