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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 1, 2016


I  started the first day with sketching for a painting, and tried to mask some detail with my new Daniel Smith artist masking fluid.  I thought I'd love it, with applicators to apply thin lines. Well, it did not turn out the way I've hoped, it came out either too thin or too thick. I ended up finishing with my old Winsor and Newton one. I will see how the painting goes with this.


Bobi Wilson said...

Looking forward to seeing it, Jean. How frustrating with the new mask. Hope your next trial is more satisfying.

patti said...

I love your pen and ink work!!!
Thank you for the smart water brush tip and demo at Goose Ridge Winery at a 2015 Urban Sketchers outing!
patti kirch

Jean Fu 陳琪 said...

Patti, I miss you guys. Hope to meet the group again soon!

Jean Fu 陳琪 said...

Bobi, The masking was terrible, but I am trying to finish the painting...My teacher Yi-Chien said *finish it, no matter what*. It's a learning, and I'll post it of course.