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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Today I...

Started a business,
perhaps finally understand the difference between domain name, server and host (no, not really)
- and that they each cost me $$ and renewals kind of pop up out of nowhere,
Spent a nice hour on help line with Chris addressing above,
received a credit,
Printed things I have no idea where/how to file
purged my home of numerous unneeded things,
taught a yoga class,
downloaded a new health/exercise program, (what was I thinking!)
made dinner, bank transfers, 3 shopping stops, brushed my teeth, showered, squeezed the menfolk in my house, joined a new fb group, downloaded manuals,
picked up a "find" from Buy Nothing Tri-Cities friend (cool thing, look into it)
took a nap
troubleshot blog
took out the garbage
sent invitations to an event
wrote/answered emails
have yet to "zero out" my emails - ever - but whittled it some
Claimed this as 'creative writing' for Art-a-Day

Okay - that was kind of whiny and lame so I brainstormed more hearts.

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1 comment:

Laura Gable said...

Hi Bobi, Good to hear about all your day's activities on the blog here. Doesn't just living and making creative choices throughout the day, contribute to being a creative soul anyway? Love it!!
Your essential oil business looks to be off to a good start. I love the products, and had a delightful time reconnecting. Sorry I've been remiss in posting here this year. I've directed myself in another direction. It looks like it continues to be another year of great creative ventures for everyone.

Take good care, dearie.