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9th Annual Art-a-Day Challenge, January 2018!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Wabi Sabi First Date

  This is my first test-drive in the new studio space since moving.  
After nearly 8 months it's good to get back to the bench though felt much like a graceless first date. 
To get reacquainted I pulled out some old familiar bits to dink around with.   

Miscellaneous scraps and leftovers
Honestly, I felt like an awkward teen not sure how to proceed or what to do with my hands.  
It eventually turned out to be a sweet 'first date'.  I like the quiet, wabi sabi-ness and the subtle patina of the copper which doesn't quite come through in the photo 
today's outcome
Oh! - and it's cold out there in that garage!  In my barn-attic studio 
I had a propane heater/blower to knock the edge off the chill. 
At 20-something degrees out there my two little heaters are struggling to catch up. 


patti said...

Bobi, congratulations on your Wabi sabi ~ internal drive to work in your new studio.
You and Felicia are two of the coolest kids!! perhaps at 20 degrees you could have been the coolest!!!
Love your work!!!!
patti kirch

a woman who is said...

Ha ha patti ;) I am proud of all of you people with such gumption! Airport layovers and 20 degree studio's. I still have a houseful of company that are all leaving tomorrow morning. I had a few days before Christmas hit to completely clean out and organize my studio for this challenge. So I will see you all Monday! I can't wait to see all what you will come up with this year Bobi! Warms ups are good and I am sure I will be feeling the same way come Monday morning.